Taylor Mecca’s upcoming EP, sidelines, is a five song navigation of crisis, coping, and coming of age as a young woman in an age of noise, performance and pressure. Featured on Spotify editorials sad hour and Fresh Finds: Pop, Taylor’s artist project is an exploration of growing up through nostalgic, ethereal pop singer-songwriter ballads and uniquely connected promo content for her 1.5M followers across socials. Her latest single “growing up sucks” is a contemplation on the difficulties of entering young adulthood. Taylor confides, “Growing up in my childhood home, seeing my friends move away, feeling frustrated and impatient with myself. Life feels as if it’s moving too quickly for me to keep up, but standing still at the same time. I realized that I was facing the frustrating feeling of growing up as an adult in the same environment I was raised in. We all look forward to growing up, but when it comes around, it just feels more confusing and terrifying than we expect.”




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