Matte Blvck, the Industrial/Dark-wave band, has recently unveiled their latest single, ‘Pupula Duplex.’ This track not only embodies the hard-hitting club-industrial sound that defines the Matte Blvck style, but it also introduces a fresh, boundary-pushing element to the world of dark electronic music. Drawing inspiration from the 90s’ big beat’ era acts like The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, and The Prodigy, ‘Pupula Duplex’ combines these influences with a modern, aggressive production, elevating the overall listening experience. The band is beyond excited to share this innovative addition to their musical repertoire with the world.

Their upcoming album, Vows, to be released this summer, is set to explore new territories while keeping the signature industrial/dark-wave tone that Matte Blvck is known for. The album features slow valleys of sunlight with airy guitars, chorus-drenched bass-lines, and pop hooks, but it also may be the band’s heaviest work to date. The album’s theme and title, Vows, is an ode to themselves and each other to aid their inner turmoil and always to put the body of work first while keeping their friendship of 27 years intact. The world might be falling apart, but Matte Blvck has been able to create art through complexity and reconciliation with utmost confidence.

Matte Blvck collaborated with an incredibly talented 3-piece production team alongside Aaron Short and Matt Mcjunkins on various occasions throughout the album. Aaron Short, a Grammy-nominated Producer/Mixer for multiple acts such as The Naked and Famous, Madison Beer, Boy Boy, and So Below, utilized his exceptional mixing skills to create space and moments of bliss through the harsh mechanical-tinged beats and synths. Matt Mcjunkins, renowned for his work with A Perfect Circle, Poppy, and Puscifer, led a recording session for the band, which allowed them to revisit their love for live instruments. The four of them meticulously experimented with different guitars, basses, amps, and pedals in an analog environment, ultimately finding the perfect sound with sheer confidence. Their collaboration is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and expertise. The result is an album that boasts exceptional sound quality, which reflects their unwavering commitment to perfection.

Despite having no label, management, or representation, Matte Blvck has grown its audience and sold out its shows quickly. This feat is not easily accomplished, even with the proper behind-the-scenes support. However, Matte Blvck has achieved this with utmost confidence and determination. The band mentioned they would like to work with a large label to propel them to heights. They are confident that they are rising to form a legacy, and it’s only a matter of time before they achieve it in an evolving music industry.


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