Hair: Anna Barroca @annabarroca
Photography: David Arnal @davidarnalteam
Makeup Artist: Anna Barroca @annabarroca
Styling: Anna Barroca @annabarroca

The ‘You’ collection brings a message from one woman to another, a directcon version: Aren’t you tired of always wondering ‘what’s in’, ‘what’s on trend’?‘ You’ is an anthem to authenticity, a passionate reminder that you don’t need to fit into any mould, or strictly follow trends. It’s time to ask yourself: How do you want to see yourself, what do you want to convey to the world?This collection invites you to connect with yourself, to express your true essence through your hair. It empowers you to choose, to be the director of your own image: the cut, the color and the hairstyle become a genuine expression of who you are.

Mid-length hair full of contrasts, aiming for maximum boldness. With strong disconnection sat the top, where textures are sharp and free. The hair then falls like a gentle cascade, drawing almost ethereal waves. Brush strokes of red, orange, yellow, and green intertwine masterfully to create unexpected volumes in the hair.

A geometric bob that, thanks to the neatness of its lines, elegantly enhances the physiognomy of the head and face. The upper area, with a side part and a more fluid finish, contrasts with this cut that reinforces its personality by incorporating violet and mahogany tones, with a glossy finish that enhances the overall look.

An explosive short cut. The hair moves and expands with a life of its own, forward, creating a captivating and dynamic frame for the face. The bangs, sculpted in a daring inverted triangle, become the epicenter where the two main shades of the look converge: a vibrant orange and a passionate magenta, a fiery fusion that immediately captures attention.

Even in the simplicity of lines, there is room for customization. The elevated volumes at the top of the cut and the definition of the finishes bring a sublime elegance, while the micro bangs, swept to the side and naturally open, add just the right touch of boldness and playfulness. The chocolate brown base is ignited and lifted with hints of mahogany and red.


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