Hair: Felicitas Hair @felicitashair
Photography & Retouch: Esteban Roca @esteban_roca_photo
Makeup Artist: Kuki Giménez Agency @kukigimenezagency
Styling: Visori FashionArt @visorifashionartstudio
Models: Shock Models @Shockmodels
Products: Revlon Professional @revlonprofessional_es

‘Manifesto’ was born out of a deep conviction: the best way to leave a legacy is to contribute and pass on knowledge.

To create the collection we have drawn on the trends of the 90s, an era of great dynamism from which we rescued the rebellious and defiant attitude, and combined it with a timeless elegance. We also worked according to Pantone’s colour proposals for this year, creating the colour Peach Fuzz, a vibrant, luminous peach, which is at the heart of trends in clothing, make-up, fabrics and, of course, hair.

Manifesto is an invitation to explore our potential and share it with the world.


MUSIC SHOWCASE - Matte Blvck: Pupula Duplex


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