Described as the orgy love child of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Grateful Dead, The Gulls are a genre crossing revival of what rock ‘n roll used to be, with a unique and unmistakable contemporary edge. Their authentic, freewheeling lifestyle, living on-the-road for years at a time, is proof that this is what they were born to do. Members Will Fairhead, Kilian Aubertin and Tali Knight craft songs narrating anthemic cries of freedom, change and love.

Their latest release, “Sanitation” is a playful folk rock/gypsy anthem for all the dirty people that don’t fit into an overly sanitized world. With a raw, upbeat and provocative streak, the track is simple, brash and playful, touching on themes of personal freedom, sexual liberty and society’s influence on our desires – all of which are themes underlying much of their music.

The band shares, “We wanted to do a fun, dirty, singalong party song and so it was written in the back of the van on a summer’s day as a playful response to the way the world looks right now. It’s like society’s got this surface level sanitary sheen, and everyones carrying their passport in their pocket on the other side of a screen, and buying plastic wrapped dopamine from who knows where it’s been, and hiding their taboos and following the rules without asking what they mean, when we all know full well someone must be doing the dirty. Being a traveling rock & roll band living on the road, I guess you could say it’s not the easiest for us to keep to the sanitary expectations of society.”

The Gulls are paving their way into a new territory. Combining elements of folk, psychedelia and rock & roll, the band have concocted an amalgam of genres and influences, resulting in a sound that is distinctly their own.

In the last year they have toured extensively, playing venues, and festivals, as well as gorilla gigs on the streets and beaches across the UK and Europe. Most notably, the band pioneered a concept called

The Robin Hood Tour, creating a moving convoy of vehicles and performing unauthorized concerts in the hearts of the UK’s biggest cities. Stealing the right to play from the rich and giving to the poor, all proceeds from the tour went to the food banks.

The Gulls are people’s best friend and the council’s worst enemy.


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