Ritho is a 23 year old British indie, dream pop artist based in London. Creating deeply introspective songs, his honest lyricism revolves around everyday experiences in your early twenties, filled with regrets and mistakes. Aligned with catchy pop melodies, interesting production and bold instrumentation, Ritho’s music is built upon recurring themes of dissociation and daydreaming, offering escapism and providing listeners with a safe space where overthinkers and dreamers can find comfort. 

Raised in Nottingham, Ritho draws influences from the likes of Holly Humberstone with her heartfelt lyrics and Sam Fender with his raw vocal tone. The multi-instrumentalist uses songwriting as a way to cope with the challenges he faces in his daily life, finding solace in the process of creating, and allowing his music to express his innermost thoughts and feelings. The artist shares, “I spend a lot of time in my own head as I prefer to create worlds for myself there than anything else, as it feels like the safest and most comfortable place to fit in.”

His new single “Fantasising” is the epitome of his contemplative nature, narrating when you first meet someone, and you immediately go down rabbit holes of thinking about your lives together, far earlier on than what is probably socially acceptable. Ritho explains, “It is about struggling with the juxtaposition of getting to know someone and allowing for that relationship to grow, while still having daydreams about your life and the future with that person.”  

Characterised by dreamy, ethereal soundscapes, colourful, vibrant synths and sincerely personal lyrics, “Fantasising” is as infectious as it is vulnerable. His honesty results in a totally relatable track, where you’ll find yourself chanting along to every word. 

As Ritho continues to grow and evolve as an artist, one thing remains constant: his commitment to creating music that is honest, sincere, and deeply personal. His music is a reminder that it’s ok to retreat into your own mind and find comfort in your own thoughts.





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