In a turn of events, Chris Brown has given his fans an unexpected gift by announcing that his much-anticipated album 11:11 will drop a day ahead of schedule. Originally scheduled for release on November 11, Chris Brown took to Instagram to share the exciting news that the album will now be available on November 10, leaving fans in eager anticipation. In a video posted on his Instagram account, Chris Brown declared, “GIVING YALL THE ALBUM EARLY… Drops tomorrow night at 9 west coast/ 12:00 midnight eastern. The album was supposed to drop Saturday… but we dropping early. I’m just correcting what I said in the post.” The announcement was accompanied by a sense of excitement that could be felt among his fan base.

“Damn I liked the 11:11 at 11:11 concept,” one person said. “Something tells me he should stick with releasing it on 11:11 but I understand. I was willing wait a few more days. As much as I love this guy!! I’m grateful either way,” another wrote. “Ahhh we gettin the album early make some noise yall wtf!!!” someone else commented. The album, aptly titled 11:11 has generated immense buzz leading up to its release.


  1. Stutter
    Is there a song called “Stutter” that is bad?
    In a music world where people sample extensively, I thought “Stutter” might borrow from Joe’s classic track from 2021. However, it’s not the case. Instead, it’s a completely original track where Chris Brown talks about being involved with a woman so attractive that she leaves him stuttering worse than Joe Biden.

I adore the essence of this song. It incorporates relatable romantic lyrics, a classic slow jam sound, and simple yet effective melodies. When Chris is in this element, he’s top 5.

  1. Nightmares (Ft. Byron Messia)
    I think I like this song because I absolutely love “Talibans.”
    In “Nightmares,” Chris Brown and Byron Messia talk about pressing folks that try to f**k with their energy. Both musicians pop off, getting very specific about what they and their shooters will do to you. And trust me, shaking your hand isn’t one of the things they’ll do.

What’s interesting about “Nightmares” is that it gives me the same vibes as “Talibans.” In the song, you get gutter lyrics masked with pleasant vocals, infectious melodies, and a pretty chill beat. If you don’t understand English, you would think the two artists were talking about picking flowers and s**t.

I think “Shooter” is a sneaky-good Caribbean track that precedes this track.

3. Summer Too Hot
Chris Brown sweats as much as Paolo Banchero?
I love the vibes that “Summer Too Hot” boasts. In the song, Chris Brown hits us with silky smooth vocals that perfectly complement the laid-back, uptempo, and nostalgic production. As for lyrically, in his verses, Chris talks about sneaky linking and getting freaky with a bad little ting. If I were to guess, this banger would go hard at pool parties.
2. Angel Numbers / Ten Toes
Starting this album with a moving track like “Angel Numbers / Ten Toes” was genius.
Chris Brown has a lot of passionate performances on this album. However, I didn’t connect with them all. I completely connected with the passionate performance he gave in “Angel Numbers / Ten Toes.” In the song, which goes from sounding emotional as s**t to sounding like an emotional bop, Chris Brown talks about his resilience, the “healing energy” on him, and being ready for whatever the world throws at him. The track is my kind of inspirational: Not mushy and invigorating.

  1. Press Me
    I love a good commercial R&B record like “Press Me.”
    “Press Me” has a really good tempo, an excellent bridge, an extremely catchy chorus, and tangy production that does an excellent job of straddling the thin line between sounding like some 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s s**t. There isn’t a single bad thing I can say about this song.

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