If accepted, your images are GUARANTEED to be on the BACK COVER of Solis Magazine Printed Edition. If we decide that your work is not the right fit, you will receive a full refund. Digital copy provided same-day after publication. Curated layout and design for your editorial feature. Payments are not refunded if you decide to cancel or not publish after your submission has been accepted

Included if accepted:

· Back Cover
· Cover Tearsheet
· Digital Copy
· Priority Tearsheets: 24h
· Estimated Page Count: 4-10 pages

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20-30 images JPG or PNG formats RGB Color profile Allowed sizes ( flexible rules ) Online Portrait: 8.5 × 11 in, 300 dpi (2550 × 3300 px) Landscape: 17 × 11 in, 300 dpi (5100 × 3300 px)
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After submitting, your work will be sent to Solis Magazine for review. You can make changes to any part of your submission after you submit, and communicate with reviewers as needed through your submission dashboard.
Price: $199.99
Refunded if Not accepted
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