Hairdresser: Juanmy Medialdea | @juanmy_medialdea
Hair Salon: Juanmy Medialdea Peluqueros
Hairdressing Assistants: Jessica del Arbol | @jessicadelarbol
Make up: Sergio Castillo | @sergiocastillo_makeup, Roberto Rodríguez | @robertorodriguezgz
Styling: Juanmy Medialdea | @juanmy_medialdea
Photography: Esteban Roca | @esteban_roca_photo
Production and styling assistants: Jessica del Arbol | @jessicadelarbol, Eugenie D’alessio | @nini_dalessio
Dresses: Yolancris | @yolancris @yolancrisbridal
Hats: Isabel Terroso de Balel. Luxury. Hats |
Collaboration: Lliçà de Vall City Council
Location: Farmhouse – Can Coll Palace (Lliçà de Vall)
Products: Schwarzkopf Professional @schwarzkopfpro.spain

This collection pays tribute to the woman who confronts her fears and overcomes them with courage. She’s a woman who faces life head-on, without hesitation. Instead of conforming to imposed stereotypes, she proudly displays her true identity: a strong, bold personality entirely detached from the conventional.

“Valentía” (Courage) is a celebration of authenticity and freedom of expression. Each hairstyle reflects the defiance of this woman determined to break barriers and challenge established norms. She dares to be different, to stand out in the crowd, and embrace her uniqueness.

This collection does not sacrifice trends and sophistication, but reinvents them with a unique look. Hairstyles and styles become a manifestation of the bravery and determination of this fearless woman. From daring cuts and risky textures to striking colours and bold contrasts, each look is a statement of her power and self-confidence.

“Valentía” aims to empower all women, reminding them that they can be brave, powerful and unique. It invites them to embrace their authenticity and express themselves without fear. Each total look in this collection is a bold statement that allows every woman to feel in control, empowered, and ready to conquer the world.

It’s time to defy expectations, embrace individuality, and show the world who you really are. Discover how your hair can be a powerful tool to express your courage and uniqueness.


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