Photographer/ Editor: Meg Sadowski, The Blackened Rose Photography
Model: Christance Elizabeth
Shoot Theme: Old Hollywood
Shoot Host/ Styled: Irish Lass Dreamday Wedding and Styled Events
Location: Manchester State Park, Washington
Dress: Moira Lee
Makeup Artist: Chelly Face Artistry
Hair: Eira Hietala

My journey into photography began humbly, just capturing moments on my cell phone. I would snap off pictures at every family gathering, big events, and little things that caught my eye like a beautiful sunset. I must have been a little obsessive with it because 2.5 years ago my husband suggested I get a real camera. He has encouraged me to pursue it and grow in my art, going from a little hobby to a small business.

Before picking up a camera I played with the idea of starting a custom clothing line featuring my love for the macabre and unusual. It never got off the ground, but the name The Blackened Rose stuck with me. The black rose can symbolize many things. Most often it is seen as synonymous with death and morning. It can be a symbol of anarchy, obsession, the macabre. All things that spark my imagination. With every end there is a beginning, anarchy can bring great change. Black roses can also be a symbol for just that, the birth of a new era, bringing hope and courage. You must only see past what must end. The name speaks to who I am as an artist, my gothic soul and desire to inspire and encourage others to break free of their box.

I am blessed to be a part of a thriving photography community. I have learned so much from the models, photographers, and event planners. Sharing their tips and tricks, letting me practice with them, and encouraging me along the way. My skillset has grown so much in the past 2 years thanks in part to those around me. I am always learning something new and I love it.

I have always been a very artistic person and photography has become my canvas and my brush. I love capturing special life moments for my clients. Creating art unique to them, and what they cherish. Whether I am shooting a family portrait or a fashion show, I love capturing what is beautiful about those in front of my lens. I am always excited when a client comes to me with a new concept or a twist on an old one, want to do a shoot on a beach dressed as a Viking I am there. I always have fun supporting the local pin-up community, they always bring a contemporary twist to a vintage aesthetic. Because of my work within the photography community. I have met some wonderful people who have helped me bring to life some of my own visions. In this past year I have captured some stunning and colorful images featuring Holi powder. I also staged and shot a post-apocalypse series shortly before the covid lockdown. I am looking forward to doing an African deity shoot next year. I am excited where my art grows from here.

The host for this particular shoot is a very dear friend of mine, Laurel Miller with Irish Lass Styled Events and Shoots. She was definitely the creative mastermind behind everything you see in front of the lens. I was honored to help her bring her vision to life, despite quarantines and lockdowns. The beautiful young woman portraying Grace Kelly is Christance Elizabeth. Who, despite being only 17, was able to exude the grace, poise, and elegance that was Grace Kelly. She is breathtaking to behold. I gave her the nickname Snow white because of her porcelain skin and cherub face. She truly is a doll.


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