Faith Richards is an R&B artist, currently based in Paris, France. Having lived a nomadic life, the singer-songwriter has traveled far and wide, living in different countries including the US and the UK, where she soaked up elements of each culture and infused it into her sound today. Her ever-evolving life is reflected in her music, where she experiments with different genres and moods from sad and sexy, to empowering and fiery. Some songs touch on her insecurities, while others highlight her bad b*tch energy, but one thing that remains the same throughout, is her ability to craft chill, relaxed and totally honest music.

Her latest single “good girl” started with Richards wanting to write about how much she hates being put in a box. She confides, “I’m human – sometimes I’m shy, sometimes I’m social, sometimes I’m busy, sometimes I’m just doing my own thing. I can be everything all at once. No label. No box. Just Faith Richards in her entirety.” The track takes a playful and sexy turn, emphasizing the juxtaposition of being a good girl who is also a dominatrix. The lyrics see Richards bragging about sexual relations with her man, while also admitting that they still go to church together, a little nod to her Mormon background. The artist adds, “I’ve been wanting to share more with my fans about my upbringing. So with this song, I’m excited to be able to share little videos of me explaining my Mormon upbringing and how I wasn’t always this bold!”

Sonically, “good girl” glows with iridescent synths, sultry vocals and hypnotic, throbbing R&B beats. Hoping to inspire others to embrace who they truly are, Richards is here to remind you to boss up and remember the bad b*tch that you are.

Richards has garnered over 11 million streams to date and received recognition from the likes of BBC Radio East Midlands and Rolling Stone India. She has had her music featured in several movies and shows including Love Is Blind, The Ultimatum and Temptation Island, as well as ads for Vogue Germany and Vogue Korea. Bringing 2023 to a close with the mesmeric “good girl,” we can’t wait to see what next year holds for this artist on the rise.


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