Photography: Felipe Wallis (@felipewallis)
Model: Gian Marco (@jamjjizmayl)
Styling: Jaime Martinez
Art Direction: Fabricio Perez.

The story behind this editorial is the desire to show an attitude. Bodacious is about reflecting a strong personal reinterpretation of the existing trends to create a fresh and original style. The tittle itself made up of two words, bold and audacious, reflects the welting of strength and dareness which is what this editorial is all about.

A contemporary and very personal vision of fashion is achieved by having the 18th century British Dandies as an inspiration for the styling and body language. The brands offer the potential to combine prints, silhouettes, textures and colors to achieve the intended looks. Also the different backgrounds and styles of chosen brands reinforce the eccentric ingredient implied in all looks.

The relaxed and confident attitude of the model and poses are key in transmitting the idea of fashion awareness in a current down to earth Dandy which is the character this editorial wants to show.

Sir Joshua Reynolds portraits have been used as references for the pictures composition and light treatment. The location is in central Rome, which gives the vibe of an old glorious past though deteriorated today with its textured walls, cobbler pavements, and faded colors offering the perfect stage for the looks. Combining black and white pictures with color ones is a characteristic feature of the photographer, it’s been used to create contrast and strengthen the idea of combining two elements to achieve a BODACIOUS outcome.


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