Hair: Kati Suokas – Glohair @kati.kampaaja
Photography: Mikko Karekivi @tikrumikko
Makeup Artist: Tiina Lamberg @studiotiinalamberg
Styling: Kati Suokas
Models: Matilda Wirtavuori @matildawirtavuori; Milka Korhonen @milkakorhonen
Video: Kati Suokas

The new collection by Kati Suokas captures the magical essence of a Finnish birch forest. Organicity flows through each proposal, connecting creativity with nature in a harmonious manner. Simultaneously, celestial clarity illuminates every style, infusing the light of confidence and tranquility into every detail.

• Silver Birch: Picture yourself immersed in the purity of the Silver Birch, where trunks shine with pure white, and black marks barely glimpse on young birches. It is this vision that has brought to life the clearest images of the collection, reflecting the luminosity emanating from nature.

• Downy Birch: The older trunks of the Downy Birch weave a darker palette of colors, which Suokas masterfully exploits through her freehand painting technique.

• River Birch: The gentle sway of birch branches, dancing to the rhythm of the wind, inspires the high fashion images of the collection.


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