Fashion Credits:

Guilherme Gobbi

Euzane Serafim @euzaneserafim

João Pedro

Ana Elisa Lopes @ana_elisa.lopes

Mari Ferrari @mariferrari_maison

Chapot Accessories @chapot_acessorios

Studio Gobbi

We think every day of ways to escape our greatest difficulties, to forget that fear hidden in the deepest we can imagine. The choices we make in life take us to such different, enchanting, and – why not – challenging paths that we forget the power of playfulness.

Going through the struggle is a constant with which we must always learn, but without losing the fantasy. The selfish concern with how much your image will be “damaged” is one of the symptoms that the lightness is gone, that we have lost what is so ours that there is no meaning in the stars or in the words, that can express what it is: freedom.

Femininity, elegance, liveliness, purity and delicacy are primary forces that should not be neglected, much less disrespected. Pastel Pink, Black, Mustard, White, are colors that elevate us without even realizing it. The combination of our greatest desires can be answered in art: in photographing, in producing beautiful compositions, in observing the small details that often go unnoticed amid so much rush and concern.

Bring again the lightness that our pieces should have, and with that, have freedom in the movements that we will make.
Playfulness is in itself an explanation more than necessary for survival, because it is in it that we find a little of what we have always been, children. Bows, ruffles, pearl earrings and necklaces, golden jewelry, rescue the purity and innocence of being free.

But what would it be without the elegance of black, the almost childlike curiosity of where the rabbit hole will take us, the strength behind strong arms, but who still depend on finding a new way to dream.

A dream…




Photography Showcase - nicole milano

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