Photographer: Snizhana Borzilova
Makeup/Hair: Katya Rybalkina
IG: @nickroyzen
Model: Katya Rybalkina
IG: @nickroyzen

Wardrobe Credits:

blouse – model own Daniele Patrici
bra – model own Weiyesi Bra
pants – model own Guzella
Shoes – model own Wrangler

Pale Green Story

Actually I am a child and family photographer at the moment and this project was a challenge for me. I felt that I want to do something different from my current style and to show myself the other side of me. Meeting Katya with her fresh interesting idea to make strange non-format photos was inspiring for me.

At first our idea was to show something outstanding at the ordinary day-to-day location but when we came to this place we understood that the Institute yard was full of summer colors on the one side and old obsolete features and things on the other side. The idea that green bright grass, mighty trees, beautiful atmosphere live together with some neglected objects as a consequence of the human conduct has inspired me to show the rality. So we tried to emphasis the variety of the background and environment and we made the model a little bit dim and faint wearing pastel colors in order to underline the distinctions.

These photos show us how you can enjoy at the Institute yard laying on the grass, waiting for the sunset and take your time watching how the shades are changing. But making several steps in the depth of the place like a new world is revealed. An old backyard with its strange surrounding turns this place into deserted magic area.

What kind of secrets does this place keep? You just need to look like a shadow to feel it.

I believe that sometimes you do not need to wear bright colors and prints to underline your individuality. Simple but sexy blouse, calm tones and expressive points in make-up – all that you need to attract the attention. The main points are your state and feelings and of course that magic radiation which goes from your glance. You have got a lot to tell the world, arenít you?





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