Retoucher: Maria Kukushkina
WB: owlmaria_work
Model: Maria Mar
WB: maria_omnimar
Photographer: Lil Safonova

Wardrobe Credit:

Dress – Love Republic

Description: This is a photoshoot for the incredible and talented Russian singer Maria Mar, known as the leader and founder of the “Omnimar” band. In addition to her talent as an author and composer of her own songs, Maria also has a magical appearance that even models can envy her. She is bright and energetic, but can be very tender and romantic. Despite the fact that Maria looks like she is about 19 years old, she already has two children) And she manages to combine the career of a singer, composer and be an excellent mother. Maria plays the piano and guitar, speaks several foreign languages. Maria wanted to make this series of photos to express her personality.

From childhood, Maria was fond of music, studied at a music school and went on tour with a children’s choir. Passion for music made her start her own project and over time it became very popular in Europe. I became Maria’s personal photographer and friend, I really respect her work and see great potential in her. Masha loves bright things and therefore chose such a yellow color scheme, to which I added my iconic yellow raincoat – a raincoat, in which many models in different fashion directions have already been shot (с) LIL Safonova


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