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Kiyanosh here from Motherfunk, we're a Sydney six-piece fusing hip-hop, funk, jazz, and soul to create our own unique sound. We have just independently recorded and released our debut single 'Grandpa Groove' and it is available everywhere!
Das Black Milk is a rock and roll group born during the G.W. Bush administration in the belly of Scranton, Pennsylvania. Founded by Nathaniel Kane and Brian Emmert, the group has been proselytizing the benefits of the “new lifestyle” for over 10 years.
It’s those wildcard moments in life that lead to soulful transformation. For the sleek pop-rock quartet Fox In Oil, that moment came when a band of seasoned professionals decided to take a chance on a newbie, a 15-year-old wunderkind female vocalist and songwriter.
This album’s first single Armchair Generals, which is a firm favorite with her fans, tells the story of how many spectators of war hold no compassion for the families who are fleeing in desperation to save themselves and their loved ones.