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Video Games That Make You Feel Powerful

Video Games That Make You Feel Powerful


For many people, playing video games at their best online casino provides a sense of grandeur and power that they can only hope of attaining in their daily life. We need the feeling that we can take on the universe and come out uninjured, be it through magical abilities, godlike power, or the skill of bladed weaponry. Below are games that make you feel like a powerful

Lost Judgment

As a follow-up to the Yakuza games’ action line, Lost Judgment is inclined to feel similar to the prior installment in the series. However, once you get your head around the parry concept in Lost Judgment, you’ll see how one small modification may profoundly impact.

You may fight lengthy boss encounters without being tagged once instead of deflecting all of their strikes and unleashing your lethal combinations. To that, you may add the famous Yakuza hot movements, which will make you feel unstoppable.


In terms of power growth, there has never been a game quite like Control. As long as your regular gun never seems weak and you earn the capacity to toss items early on telekinetically, that is only the beginning.

Your ultimate goal is to fly around every arena, grabbing debris and using it as a shield, then hurling it back at your opponents and taking their friends’ brains while you do so. Even if Control is never simple, it leaves you feeling like a super-powered telekinetic fighter.


There are significant parallels between the Bayonetta titles and Devil May Cry, the king of the Dynamic Actions genre. It’s possible, though, for the powers here to be even more illogical. This game’s signature Platinum slowness technique is widely shown.

That’s not all; the game’s settings are dynamic, dramatic, and utterly ridiculous. You’ll have a tremendous, hyper-capable, and seemingly unstoppable sense of accomplishment by the time you’ve finished.

Death Loop

This is the first time in Arkane Studios games that they’ve pushed you to utilize all of your tools to their fullest potential. From one rooftop to the next, you’ll be teleporting between foes, linking their destinies with your own, and then taking them out with a headshot.

As long as you’re not shooting them into space or utilizing any of your arsenal’s most powerful weapons to get rid of them, You might also hack into the safety systems and use their automatic turret weapons to take them out. In Death Loop, the entire planet is under your command.

Devil May Cry 5

In Devil May Cry, the emphasis has always been on the player’s ability to express themselves. No matter whatever character you choose to play, you’ll be able to use the game’s various special skills and attacks to wipe out the swarms of opponents before your eyes. Having this sense of authority is a great feeling since it’s earned.

There is a sense that Devil May Cry 5 brings together all the greatest aspects of its predecessors. The game provides you with a wide variety of maneuvers, but you won’t be able to get the most out of them unless you learn how to use them effectively. Everything you need to be an utter badass can be found in Devil May Cry 5’s arsenal of weapons. That potential is yours, and it’s up to you to realize it.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Solid Snake is always strong, but he has never looked like he could take down an entire force. However, Raiden is a very different story in Revengeance. You’d be incorrect even if you believe that chopping your opponents into a thousand bits in slow motion will become boring. It’s always a lot of fun. But more importantly, it gives you a great sense of self-confidence.

The battles with the boss only serve to raise the stakes even more. You’ll face off against a slew of proven badasses, but you’ll always come out on top. You’ll feel like the greatest cyber ninja during the procedure. It’s fair to say that Raiden has risen above the rest of the pack.


Doom is an exciting challenge, but there is a lot of room for improvement. As a bonus, once you’ve mastered the skill, it seems like you’re practically indestructible. The enemies’ fear-inspiring animations in your triumph kill to make a big difference.

The expression on their face is sheer horror in these dramatic instant-kill scenarios, which typically show them running away. In the game, you feel a sense of sympathy for the demons that populate the bestiary. They never got a chance in hell in the end.


The goal of these games is to instill a sense of confidence in the player. All of the Control is in your hands in these games, whether you’re rescuing the planet or building your universe. It makes no difference whether you’re armed with a sword or a rifle. Anyone may become a hero if they are in command and confident in their abilities. This is the primary reason we engage in most of these games.