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The Best Variety of Rings and Bracelets to Wear

The Best Variety of Rings and Bracelets to Wear


Four taboos to wear a gold bracelet, as a woman you must know It is said that women wear gold and silver, and women wear gold bracelets. Not only can they set off their temperament, they are also a symbol of wealth. People who can afford it now buy gold jewelry, especially some middle-aged women, whether they are birthstone necklaces, bracelets or promise rings for her, are their favorite items.

However, I find that many people don’t pay attention when they wear gold bracelets in life. If women often wear gold bracelets, there are some taboos that must not be violated. As a woman, you must know!

1. It is best to wear on the left hand
Many women, gold bracelets wear on which hand usually decide by mood. In fact, it is very particular about wearing jewelry. First of all, according to our traditional saying, the gold name bracelet is suitable for wearing on the left. From a practical point of view, the bracelet is also suitable for wearing on the left hand. On the one hand, the left hand looks better than the right hand, so wearing on the left hand can obtain better decoration. The right hand needs to work frequently. If the right hand often wears gold bracelets, it is easy to wear and tear, and wearing on the left hand is good for maintenance.

2. Regular contact with chemicals
Although gold does not wear blacker and darker than silver, it is also important to avoid contact with chemicals as much as possible. Modern women are very beautiful, in addition to wearing jewelry, they also make up. This is a noteworthy place. Gold bracelets cannot be in contact with cosmetics for a long time. Because many cosmetics, such as perfumes and hand creams, contain special ingredients, they can easily react chemically with gold jewelry, which will cause wear and corrosion between the bracelets, and eventually cause the corrosion and oxidation of the gold infinity bracelet. Therefore, it is recommended that you can take off the bracelet when applying makeup and skin care, and usually do not put the bracelet with cosmetics and skin care products.

3. Never do cleaning
Gold bracelets also require our regular cleaning. For example, some women often wear gold bracelets, but never wash them. After a long time, the gold bracelets are attached to the dirt mixed with the oil and dust secreted by our skin. If any oxidation reaction occurs again, the discoloration caused is difficult to clean. Not only that, when we take a bath or wash our hair, we should also take off the bracelet directly, otherwise the gold jewelry will easily change color. Therefore, after wearing the gold bracelet for a long time, it is necessary to take it down for cleaning in time, such as using toilet water to wipe it. If it is dark, it is very difficult to clean it. In addition, even if it is really dark and dirty, you don’t have to take it to a gold shop for cleaning. You can wash it at home. You can use a solution of baking soda, salt and detergent, and then put the bracelet into and soak for an hour, and finally clean it with a toothbrush.

4. Wear gold and platinum at the same time
Most women can’t resist the temptation of platinum. Some women also buy platinum bracelets when they buy gold bracelets. It ’s important to know that wearing them together will cause more damage to gold custom name bracelets. It is easy to cause the gold surface to slowly discolor by rubbing back and forth, which is also something everyone should pay attention to.