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Top 7 Gambling Movies on Netflix

Top 7 Gambling Movies on Netflix


Casinos are elegant and exciting, with an atmosphere that smells of money. While most gambling is moving towards online platforms, such as the Lucky Nugget Casino Canada, there is a different kind of excitement when visiting a live casino. If you’re not in the position to visit one personally, these seven gambling movies on Netflix will give you a taste of the world of casinos.

A crime-based story on Sam Rothstein (Robert DeNiro) being tasked to manage operations in a Las Vegas Casino. The film portrays the time of mobs and mafias when the “Fabulous Las Vegas” was the epicentre of crime and corruption. It gives the viewer the chance to see how a casino works while giving some insight into how it was controlled by the mob. When watching the three-hour movie, it explores the messy lives of high rollers who are associated with mobs and mafias with lots of risks. We consider this one of the best casino movies of its time.

Casino Tycoon 1 & 2
Both of these films are based on the same scenario and were released in 1992 with two as a sequel. The story is about a young graduate named Benny (Andy Lau) who fled Hong Kong and arrived in the sanctuary of gambling Macau. Once there, he impressed a businessman who had ties in crime. Slowly, Benny builds his way up in the gambling haven, ranking up in the underworld, which then leads him through lots of trouble. You will see how the events that unfold bring home the dangers of living the high life on gambling wins.

Win It All
It is easily one of the funniest poker movies on Netflix. It brings laughs but also highlights the dangers of gambling addiction. Eddie Garret (Jake Johnson) is a gambling addict, working as a parking attendant to balance out his habit. He meets Michael (Jose Garcia), a local tough guy, at his kitchen, who wants him to store a Duffel bag with no questions while he serves prison. Eddie, given to temptation, opens the bag to find tools and lots of money, which is promptly gambled away. Panicked, he seeks help to pay the money back to avoid the trouble he will get from the criminal when released.

Ocean’s 11
Ocean’s has a few gambling shows on Netflix, with Ocean’s 11 being one of the most popular. The franchise offers multiple movies from Ocean’s 8 to Ocean’s 13. Based on the 1960 movie of the same name, the 2001 release has the same storyline with a few more twists and new stars. Danny Ocean (George Clooney) assembles eleven people to do three cash heists on three casinos owned by his rival Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia). A thrilling adventure into the world of casinos and crime.

The Gambler
Released in 2014, this film is more down to earth with crime and drama. Jim Bennet (Mark Wahlberg) is a professor and gambler, ending up in debt to a loan shark and proprietor of an underground gambling ring. He is given seven days to pay back the money he owes or be killed. The suspense will keep you on the edge of your seat as the story takes some unexpected turns while Jim tries to get hold of the money somehow.

This 2008 movie follows a group of bright students who, together with a math professor named Micky (Kevin Spacey), form a blackjack team that uses unique covert signalling to win most of their games. He recruits and trains the students who land up, winning millions of dollars with their skills. Heading to Las Vegas, they play high stakes for maximum return while trying not to get noticed by the casino security. This is based on the true story of an MIT blackjack team for counters, which is mostly mathematical.

A 1998 film, Noir/indie based, set with the perspective of what the word suggests, a Croupier. Jack Manfred (Clive Owen), a writer who is struggling with making a living, applies for a job at a casino as a Croupier. Soon he meets a lady named Jani De Villiers (Alex Kingston) who is rather unlucky in her games. She wants his help to plan a heist on the very casino he works at. This film was produced to show the other side of a casino’s games while also offering some suspense and deviousness.

The fun and glamour of casino games can be enticing for anyone. Our casino expert Kevin N. Cochran enjoys gambling movies; he feels it gives people a good insight into the world of gambling, both the good and the bad. He feels that most people only see the glamorous side of casinos, but these types of casino movies teach potential gamblers about the hidden dangers of addiction.