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It Is Time To Experiment With Inverted Bob This Season

It Is Time To Experiment With Inverted Bob This Season


Versatile And Breath-Takingly Fun Inverted Bob Looks


If you think about it for a while, you will come to realize that there is one cut that is trendy, no matter what. No matter the year or the decade – bob cuts are still on the edge of popularity. These days there are a lot of new approaches to the cutting technique, but the fact remains.

Today we would like to pay a little more attention to the notion of inverted bob and what makes this variation of classy bob so required. Apart from that, we are going to discuss a bunch of new variations every fashionable lady should consider.

Inverted bob – what is it? It is still a good old regular bob, but the main difference comes with the introduction of stacked layers at the back of the head. Besides, the lines of the cut are extending to the front. It may seem like a mild change to the regular bob that you are used to, however, you should wait until you hear about all the ways that you can experiment with the cut!

Shaggy Bob Haircut

If you are looking for a messy and chic cut, then shaggy bob should be number one on your list. The thing is that the way the graduated bob is cut involves lots of layers. This means that later on, all you need to do to style the shaggy inverted bob is to work a little hair product into your locks, and you are ready to rock and roll. As simple as that!


Curly Inverted Bob

We know how difficult it may be to come up with a good cut for fine hair. The truth is that you have to be careful with your choice since the tiniest mistake can ruin the whole look. Some may say that a graduated bob is not the best option when it comes to fine hair. However, as long hair as you have a curling iron and a few spare minutes at hand – curly inverted bob is totally worth your consideration. Just a few gestures and you are ready to conquer the world with a stylish and trendy hairdo, which adds volume to your mane at the same time!

Stacked Bob To Show Off The Color

There are times when you would rather show off your color other than the cut itself. That is when a stacked bob comes of help too. The thing is that when you combine two shades in one, there is rarely any other haircut that will add up to the general outlook than a stacked bob, no matter the hues you choose.

Jagged Bob with Colored Ends

When you are searching for a look that is both gentle and romantic but also trendy at the same time, then we have jagged bob on offer. However, the truth is that the cut is not enough to complete all the set requirements, you need properly chosen dying technique to benefit from as well. In this case, we say go for colored ends, yet make sure that the colors are not too contrasting.

Graduated Bob with Unique Coloring

It goes without saying that bob is always a special cut that can be suited to any style and hair type. Nevertheless, you should not forget about what makes any ordinary cut look extraordinary. Of course, we have coloring in mind. Don’t be shy to experiment with various popular dying techniques as well as colors. You will be surprised at how easy it is to create a personalized cut.


Collarbone Bob with Stacked Back

It is true that going all experimental with your hair is not always a possibility. In times when your hair is supposed to look classy on a regular basis, we advise you go for a collarbone bob haircut. You can spice things up a little but adding the hues that create dimension and texture.

Loose and Wavy Bob Cut

There may be a false assumption spread that the strict lines of graduated bobs are too reserved and somehow tomboyish. That couldn’t be further from the truth since the light waves can easily take away all the strictness when necessary.

Asymmetrical Razored Graduated Bob

Very often when women decide to change the cut, they are all in for a tremendous change. If that is your case, then we say you try razored inverted bob out. There is rarely any edgier bob at that point. Embrace your rebellious side with style!