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In its third year, Destiny is finally trying to explore the myths that have pervaded its world since launch. The Rise of Iron expansion brings a new storyline with fantasy elements, more cooperative strikes, additional public events, an assortment of player vs. player offerings, and a new upcoming multiplayer raid. In short, Rise of Iron attempts to dig beneath the surface of Bungie's post-apocalyptic world. As of this writing, though, the expansion has yet to go very deep.
This story is about times of uncertainty and self-reflection when life just seems to go by too quick, and the feeling of being stuck in a bubble. It’s about doubt and solitude, tormenting thoughts, feelings of emptiness and a longing need for understanding one’s purpose in life.
Microsoft's E3 2016 press conference is going to be packed with news and announcements on some of its biggest games. With so many announcements potentially on the way, we're going to be compiling them all here. Check out our roundup of all the news below, and be sure to check back often as we update this article further as the show goes on.
Microsoft is announcing a big new feature for Xbox owners today: cross-network play. It's something the software giant has hinted at for years, and now it seems the reality of PS4, Xbox One, and PC players playing the same game together might finally happen. Developers building games for Xbox One and Windows 10 will be able to support the feature, but it will require Sony and others to "participate" in order for games to be played across Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
Lots of new details about Titanfall 2 have come to light, thanks to an interview lead writer Jesse Stern recently gave to Forbes. In the interview, Stern, who also worked on the first game, says the game will have a single-player campaign (the first did not) and reveals that a TV spinoff show is in the works at Lionsgate.
A new translation of the Nikkei article suggests that Hideo Kojima is not in fact in discussions to form a new Sony studio. Rather, the report appears to claim he's launching a new studio of his own with other former Kojima Productions staffers and is in negotiations with Sony to have their first game debut on PlayStation.