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"Dewa Ariadi is a 35 years old photographer born and raised in Bali. After studying in Bali he came to the Uk to work as a car sprayer but has only taken to photography since he found a camera sitting around his staff canteen in 2013 from this eureka moment he has discover he has natural talent.
They sailed the waters blue and green. The wind blew their hair; their dresses flapped, but did not stir their spirits. A seagull calls in the distance, its cry a symphony echoing on the sea. The sunshine on the water shimmers, jewelry in the light glitters, glossy hair strands flitter. The sun dives deep into the waves, the sky bleeding vibrant shades of orange and red. It's warm blanket of hues drag down dreamy eyes and stifle yawns. They lay themselves down to sleep, drifting off into ocean dreams.