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The heroine's sometime lover Logan Echolls tells her that in "Veronica Mars" the movie. Rob Thomas' same-named source was aware of itself as both a riff on film noir and a TV show. Its heroine—a Nancy Drew of Neptune, California played by Kristen Bell—narrated her own adventures as if she were the harshest critic of a program she starred in, mocking her own bad judgment and describing people and neighborhoods with the cattiness of a Television without Pity commenter.
Controversy is brought to life in The Fifth Estate, as director Bill Condon tells the story of the website WikiLeaks, the problems it caused, the impact it made, and the man who started it all, Julian Assange. It’s a movie that’s informative, thought provoking, and wonderfully acted by a terrific cast, but it’s also exhausting, complicated, and not as entertaining as it needs to be.
Director Adam Wingard and a lackluster ensemble cast will be greatly disappointing audiences everywhere in the recently released horror movie You’re Next. It’s a movie that’s not nearly as clever, not nearly as scary, and not nearly as entertaining as it sets out to be. Outside of loyal followers to the horror genre, You’re Next isn’t all that appealing to audiences, and to say that it’s an average horror movie would be giving it more credit than it deserves.