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Long hours, minimal social time outside of work, restlessness … still interested? After all, nothing can compare to the feeling when everything comes together on the big screen. Hundreds of people with various talents and skills must collaborate to create a masterpiece that is formally known as the film and entertainment industry.
Dark Rainy Day is the concept of this season’s collection. Dark and Rainy was the day we shot the pictures. Dark is the ambiance, evolutive, as on a Rainy day, are the makeup and hair styling. There are many pleated fabrics; they are for me like curtains on windows. I imaged a dark rainy day and usually, I want to stay home kind of those days. Windows curtains, dark, they represent another rainy day in my mind.
Collaboration between independent Australian fashion agency and boutique Gusto & Élan and New York photographer Terria Clay, Streets of New York was inspired by Australian designers taking to the streets of the Big Apple – as the lyrics go, the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. Cool clothes and cool streets set the scene, showcasing the talent of independent Australian designers reaching the heights of the most fashionable city in the world.
We were thinking about an editorial to shoot with this stunning, young model, Valentina Dakota Zedda. I had seen years ago some images by Annie Leibovitz from the series of portraits of Mikhail Baryshnikov. It’s a very austere series with a simple white background positioned in a wood. At the center, a piano and on the top of it, the dancer.
Beauty is a blurred line between grace, elegance, and confidence. It flows through you like a breath of fresh air, it gives you power to make choices in life, and enables you to live for passion, love, and art. Beauty is what surrounds everything creative, everything different, everything outside of the norm. Beauty is art and art is fashion.
Her photography is characterized by minimalism and clarity and this editorial’s shoot was inspired by painting. These black and white photos are combined with colored brush strokes that complements the model’s poses and styling. Compositions are airy but dynamic and entire editorial is typified by fierceness.
An up and coming artist, Adrienne Asbell, a predominately self taught portrait photographer is what others call an edgy style of photography that is bold, colorful and creative using all the beauty that surrounds us.