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Hello, my name is Bernard BOSC I am French I reside in French Guyana 42 years old photographer. I just discovered your magazine online photos are beautiful and the models are beautiful.
La Cruz for this editorial. Mang designed a simple but elegant gown to compliment an elaborate headdress. Xeng created the headdress using the white traditional fabric from the Hmong culture to infuse their heritage into the shoot.
The aim of Sonia Arora Designs is to create garments that are not only fashionable, but are made with high quality and are affordable. The brand uses only the best fabrics and additional hardware, sourced directly from Europe, and handpicked by Sonia herself.
Every fashion shoot is meticulously planned so that when it comes time to actually execute it, it goes off without a hitch. From a creative team to the location - everything has to be perfect to make the end result priceless.
As she emerges from her waiting chambers, the bride moves into the room like the fleecy clouds that float over the isles of some enchanted Celtic sea, over the dark northern skies. Her skirts, like gorgeous plumage, rustle with the richness of French perfume. Her loveliness rivals the most voluptuous dreams of the romancer or poet, as she broods in the smoke-hazed shadows.
From the depths of every woman´s heart, there is always a yearning for beauty and romance. No matter which era women live in, this yearning itself is the oxygen of their soul. Artists of different periods of art – from medieval time to renaissance, romanticism, impressionism to modern days always try to capture this spirit into their artistic works.
For many years, Portugal has been a source of textiles and production in the international fashion world. It was only by the 1980’s that the fashion design industry flourished in Portugal with the birth of specialty schools. This late development in the culture is clear in Toronto, Canada; where one of the largest Portuguese communities outside of Portugal exists. With the majority immigrating before the 1980’s, this community would bring with them the traditions and culture of the Portugal of that time. The implementation of typical bakeries and traditional Portuguese “Churrasqueiras” (bbq chicken) were among the most popular.