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As I was deciding on details like location, accessories, hair, and makeup styling the photo shoot took on a life of it’s own as . All aspects were important to the feel and authenticity of the final images.
Being originally from France, I realized how beautiful that country was once I left it to go study and work in the US. That’s why I wanted to create a shoot that shows Paris, and its amazing city. In fact, there is nowhere else in the world where you can find such architecture, and ambiance.
Nina Pak works with photography, painting, and mixed media artworks. By emphasizing aesthetics, Pak seduces the viewer into a world of bright and joyful moments full of hidden nuance, an interval in time, that articulates the poetic meaning in our lives.
The Dark Side (fashion editorial)…original came from a story concept idea that I had for a web series. I wanted to ask the question, “What would happen, if I mixed the sci-fi geek culture with a rock n roll fashionista” (a.k.a “Star Wars vs. Mean Girls”)?
On a strikingly grey evening, he walks through a vastness that seems never ending. The cool, crisp, haunting air hits the nape of his neck and sends an electric tingle down his spine. He stumbles and trips through lushness of forest when he sees it. A mansion, whispering sweet nothings in the air. He is drawn to it.
Born in the Ukraine, she has been translating her emotions to multiple languages through fashion. Nataliya designs her garments with the most amazing story in mind; the story of a person who lives a life full of adventure and wonder. Nataliya’s garments are designed to interact with the surrounding elements – light, wind, or rain – her designs reflect, move, and flow with passion. Reflecting freedom and happiness, seeing the light in everything. The Couture workmanship always interest her.