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In its third year, Destiny is finally trying to explore the myths that have pervaded its world since launch. The Rise of Iron expansion brings a new storyline with fantasy elements, more cooperative strikes, additional public events, an assortment of player vs. player offerings, and a new upcoming multiplayer raid. In short, Rise of Iron attempts to dig beneath the surface of Bungie's post-apocalyptic world. As of this writing, though, the expansion has yet to go very deep.
In a preview posted to the developer's website, Bungie detailed the major changes that will be introduced to the game. One notable change for hardcore players deals with leveling exotic gear; the update will allow you to make your exotic weapons more powerful, but it comes at the cost of "resetting the progression" you've already put into that item.
Destiny is set 700 years in the future. A massive interstellar object called the Traveler has parked itself just above Earth, and while humanity has benefited greatly from its appearance, we’re also now the target of an evil menace called — seriously — the Darkness, some sort of alien collective with names pulled out of the sci-fi grab bag: Fallen, Hive, Vex, Cabal. As Guardians, it’s our job to travel the solar system and put them and their boring names down.