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Well, folks, it finally happened. DC’s film universe got off the ground with a successful release. Projects like Man Of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice had their fans, but neither made the impact that Wonder Woman seems to have made.
“How can you make a financial intrigue thriller more exciting than average?” You can almost hear screenwriter Bill Dubuque ask that question and then crack his knuckles during the opening minutes of “The Accountant.”
Gone Girl" is art and entertainment, a thriller and an issue, and an eerily assured audience picture. It is also a film that shifts emphasis and perspective so many times that you may feel as though you're watching five short movies strung together, each morphing into the next.
On the surface, Runner Runner may seem like an enticing thriller, with a proven writing duo, an up and coming director, and two great and appealing actors in Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake leading the cast, but nothing could be further from the truth. It does just enough to prevent audiences from feeling cheated out of their money as they leave the theater, but it’s greatly disappointing on several fronts. Essentially, Runner Runner is a shortcut thriller; it cuts corners that it shouldn’t and tries to move forward too quickly without ever really knowing where it wants to go.