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The color of Christmas holidays and all winter season in general - is gold for Tatsiana. "Add some sparks to your wardrobe and to your mood as well, and never be afraid to mix gold with burgundy or olive or beige"
It all started with an idea: To showcase local fashion by local professionals with local design in local scenarios. It may seem a bit over-the-top to continue high lighting the local aspect but the idea of it all had never seemed to be interpreted in the island.
Everything started going to concerts of my girlfriend, effettuavo set of their live and all the members of the group were always satisfied. I continued to feed this thing innate in me through the phone, snapping burst all around me, developing my photographic eye.
George Michael, the singer who shot to stardom in the Eighties as a member of Wham! and then as a solo artist, has died at his home in Goring in Oxfordshire, England. No cause of death was revealed, but police reported that he did not die under suspicious circumstances. Michael was 53.
Every payday, garbage collector Troy Maxson (Denzel Washington) holds court in the backyard of the Pittsburgh home he shares with his wife, Rose (Viola Davis) and their son, Cory (Jovan Adepo). By Troy’s side are his two best friends, Bono (Stephen Henderson), the co-worker he’s known for decades, and a bottle of gin, which Troy has also known for decades.
Photographer Hartmut Nörenberg and Poledance-Princess Natalie Schönberger first met on the german Echo-Awards 2012 in Berlin. Where Hartmut fell in love with her beautiful face and her majestic attitude. He invited her for the second time in 2016 to his Studio which is based in Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany). It was a three-day collaboration to produce six completely different editorial sets.
The inspiration behind this piece was both complex and simple at the same time. It’s odd how both can be in conjunction with one another, but to understand it you must almost have to be a creative yourself. The idea behind this one piece as well as the whole collection was to allow the wearer and audience to understand a new breed of people.