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Fashion Editorial: Sympathy for the Devil

Fashion Editorial: Sympathy for the Devil


The new editorial made by Katarzyna Niwińska, “Sympathy for the devil” was inspired  by a Rolling Stones song of the same title, and also by the words from J.W Goethe’s “Faust” :

 “I am part of that power which eternally wills evil and eternally works good.”

An artist was invited for a soot two amazing and talented young designers. An author of black leather dresses is Małgorzata Chara, while golden is a project of Lidia Sajdak. In the all of

wonderful stylizations posed a famous Polish model Sylwia Sordyl.

 Małgorzata Chara about her projects:

 “I simply do my projects. Sometimes, everything is planned – what my project should be like, but sometimes it’s coming frome somewhere, in creation it’s an imporvization. Generally, I love cuts, maybe a little theatrical, but in fact “sharp”, strong, hard, firm, modern (but sometime it’s not so obvious).”

 Lidia Sajdak about her projects:

 Golden Dust is a collection inspired by garments typical for Russia of 19th century. Gold is a leitmotif of the whole collection. Original Russian garments from that period were far from humble and plain but the pieces of the collection are simplified and adapted to needs of a modern woman. All pieces are rich-looking but rather not thanks to opulent embellishments but quality of fabrics used. What distinguishes this collection is innovative use of materials and progressive attitude to new technology. Conceptual the collection may be, is supposed to present “time travel”, but is mainly commercial. Cuts are simple and all garments are well-fitted. What was characteristic about clothes of Russia 19th century was the fact that they were completed with large-like-life kokoshniks. The designer resigned from this form of head decoration and chose simple hoods instead. And rich decorations typical for kokoshiniks are used only here and there in singular parts of clothes (sleeves, cuffs, turn-ups) While creating the collection the designer spent many hours listening to Russian folk music and reading Dostoyevski though mainly looking back her main intention was to transfer beautiful traditions of Russian crafts to the era of space travels.

Katarzyna Niwińska – a photographer, living in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – Cracow, Poland is working as a fashion photographer. In her art, she’s trying to get an unconventional image of the subject, inspired by music (especially from film sound tracks) and also the history of art. Every photo shoot it’s a new adventure and a challenge to create something beautiful and unique. In most cases, she is preparing special stenography and elements of stylization of shoots with her own hands, always taking care to fit the photographed projects together to form one cohesive story. She’s publishing her art in European and American magazines.