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Superman Vs Batman (Man of Steel 2)

Superman Vs Batman (Man of Steel 2)

Superman vs Batman

Written by Joshua Tousignant

Why do we fall, Bruce?

So we can better learn to pick ourselves up. Wrong. It’s so Warner Bros. can pick up the iconic hero once again for a whole double entendre. That’s right, the Justice League. In the upcoming sequel for Man of Steel, entitled: Batman vs. Superman, Warner Bros. will be presenting the two iconic heroes in a shared DC universe, scheduled to be released in the summer of 2015.

Why do you want to kill me?!

Hold your cowls; they don’t want to kill you… they just want the glare out of their eyes – with Marvel taking the theaters by storm, releasing movies like: Thor 2, The Amazing Spiderman 2, and The Avengers 2, it doesn’t leave much leg room for poor old’ Warner Bros. And good for them. With their backs up against the wall, and heads sitting in a platter, maybe this is what they need to stop being like everybody else. Stop turning every hero in your pocket on its side and slapping an origin story on it. I’m sure Green Lantern would like his ring back. We want something new, something we haven’t seen before. If I have to watch Bruce Wayne’s parents die one more time, I’m going to perform CPR on the movie screen.


They’re in pre-production. With Henry Cavill reprising the role as Kal-El, son of Krypton, bringing with him the entire cast and crew, it only leaves one guessing; who is Batman? So let’s scratch all the rumors, shall we? We all know who Batman is… and I’m not talking about Ryan Gosling, or Chuck Norris, or Elijah Wood for that matter. There’s only one Batman, and that’s Bruce Wayne, the prince of Gotham. After all, this super-grande combo will be paving the way for introductions like the Flash, Wonder Woman, and maybe even prune fingered Aqua Man (where has that guy been?).

So, ask yourselves, what kind of Batman will Bruce Wayne be? They all come with the bat-mobile, the gadgetry, the dead-parents. But what Nolan has given us in his universe will not suffice in Man of Steel’s director Zack Snyder’s multiverse.

Here’s why: DC’s universe is filled with more super-powered villains than Batman can throw smoke bombs at – and more masterminds, such as Lex Luthor, than Superman can handle with his 25-watt light-bulb head of his. After he destroyed half of Metropolis, being all reckless like a kid in a sandbox, here I thought, no one could be that absentminded. And they weren’t. Man of Steel may have laid the best groundwork for Superman’s rehabilitation. And who better to do that than the Dark Knight himself (why he would leave Gotham, is beyond me). Whether he’s a wealthy vagabond or not, when he puts on that cowl, let’s hope Batman kicks out more detective work as the World’s Greatest Detective, and leaves the punches up to Superman.

But, aren’t we forgetting someone? – Ah! The villain. Certainly, Batman vs. Superman inserts the notion that they’ll be banging heads before becoming the respectable allies we all know they to be. At least, that’s how Joss Whedon won his success with The Avengers. We want to see these heroes clash, and spit words at each other. So who better to spit words at Superman… than Lex Luthor? I mean, who would Superman be without him? But, he’s been over-done, done to death. Well, hold on. As many sides as there are to heroes, there are to villains.

At least to me, Lex Luthor shouldn’t be casted as the same conniving, guile, white male, but instead, be portrayed as the Alpha, whom is not only cunning, and highly motivated to whatever means in ridding Superman, but also strong, combative and highly skilled in martial arts. C’mon! He’s Lex Luthor! Not some Worm-tongue. So let’s welcome him into a new anti-Supes regime – Idris Elba.

No? Okay, it was worth a shot.

So for all those wearing hockey-pads and think that it’s too soon to re-introduce a new, rebooted Batman (into a Superman sequel no less) Batman vs. Superman will be the key to unlocking everything. Bat-signal sold separately. Commissioner Gordon not included