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The Best Superhero Slots

The Best Superhero Slots


There is nothing like a bit of escapism and superheroes offer a magical world where good triumphs evil and the identity of the mysterious superhero is never revealed. Themed slots are always popular and unsurprisingly there is a lovely range of superhero slots where you can either save the world or be saved by your favorite caped Crusader. Also,

There are plenty of things you need to know if you want to dive into the exciting world of online slots LV casino. Every slot game has a story to tell with extraordinary characters, dazzling features and fabulous jackpots. Begin your journey the right way and learn everything you need to know about online slots. Here is the review of Slots LV Casino from OCBB, so you can learn more about this specific casino.  Below are some of the best superhero slots available at online casinos across the web.

1. Superman: Man of Steel Slots

Gone are the days of the camp 1970s Superman, he has been replaced by the Man of Steel, a beefed-up hero with a serious costume that leaves the bad guys quaking in their boots. In this five-reel slot game you can either play on Earth or on the planet of Krypton and there are 25 pay lines with plenty of action. You will need to challenge General Zod to reap the biggest rewards and the symbols on the reels feature Superman icons as well as characters from the film. The slot background features the man himself facing off against his arch-enemy and it is well designed with the high-end graphics we have come to expect. Activating the Krypton bonus gives you access to try and win the DC Superheroes Jackpot if the luck of the spin is with you.

2. Justice League Slots

With so many of your favorite superheroes in one place it is no surprise that this is a popular and exciting game. If you are a fan of the film you will know that you can expect to see Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg all making an appearance. This is another game that feeds into the DC Superheroes Progressive Jackpot system, so again you have the chance to win the much more substantial jackpot if the reels land in your favor. Within the game itself, you can unlock bonus play and free spins by trigger various wild and scatter symbols, and with the film being such a box office smash this is a stunning release that we are delighted to see. All the characters and their logos appear on the five reels and there are 40 pay lines and plenty going on here.

3. Wonder Woman Gold Slots

Based on the original television show, which is a truly iconic piece of small-screen camp mastery, our plucky heroine, who spins around really fast and turns into Wonder Woman lives within this slot game for fans everywhere to enjoy and reminisce with plenty of action to boot. There are five reels that feature Wonder Woman, her logo, the invisible plane and some highly decorated card symbols, K, Q, J, A and 10. Trigger some great bonus games and enjoy some free spins, and sit back and enjoy some clips from the show featuring her best and most memorable one-liners. This game is a delight to play and showcases a female heroine giving this game a wide appeal to many different players.