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Summer Styles for Beach Beauty

Summer Styles for Beach Beauty


By Olivia Monical

Treat yourself this summer, and escape in the sound of never-ending waves. Vacation heightens our ability to become more open to the world, so if you fantasize about escaping concrete jungles, come lounge on the beach! Immerse yourself in a shimmering scene with crashing waves where you have time to wonder. While you enjoy restorative waters, search for luminescent shells and smooth stones to skip. The ocean offers a gift each time you visit, whether a smooth piece of sea glass, or some much needed peace of mind. One of the best things about going to the beach is finding an outfit that makes you shine inside and out. With this summer’s trends, you can be as stunning as the treasures you will find.

Take this chance to feel beautiful and creative while exploring rocky shores or enjoying the perfect summer read. Find swimwear that fits you perfectly this season, because whether you choose a minimalist one- piece, or a bright bikini, there’s a glamorous style for everyone out on the beach. Come up for air from the every-day things that keep your mind swimming and slip into the perfect swimsuit for your escape to the sea. Dive into swimming season with something electric, like a bright blue bikini. If you’re feeling playful, hop into a patterned romper for a swim cover-up, or a high- wasted bikini that makes retro look oh-so-sexy. Take a deep breath and feel the sand filling the space between your toes.

Some of the most iconic fashion plays with joining opposites, like a clear summer evening when the sun and moon share the same sorbet colored sunset sky. Be effortlessly bold, and wear something black for watching the sunset on warm sands. Colorlessness has a vibrancy of its own. Change classic black with an edgy touch, and embrace a suit with some dramatic cut-outs to highlight your body’s natural curves. Experiment with the one-piece, and try a deep back-line to show off some shoulder candy. A piece with artful cut- outs and a little ornate patterning might just make you feel like royalty while you indulge on your own sand dune throne.

Be open and ready for anything, from tip-toeing through tide pools, to making new friends while feeling confident in a style that works for you. High- wasted bottoms that end subtly above your belly button are always delightful. For your beach date or barbecue with friends, wear dangle earrings that elegantly graze the angles of your collar bone. Show your body love and express yourself at the same time by putting on something that makes you feel confident. Use this chance to pamper yourself and braid your salt- enriched hair, letting it lighten naturally in the sun. Whether you find yourself reaching for something boho or geometric, know you’re a true beach beauty as you carelessly walk along calming shores.

Whether your style is classic, retro, sexy, playful, or a bit of everything, find what inspires you this summer. Have fun with creative straps, or if you want to avoid tan lines, go strapless. Add sparkle to your display of oceanic essence with fun accessories like bangles or delicate chains. Let yourself be open to new possibilities, and redefine these hot looks by adding your own touch. Twist these new trends to look like you have this summer’s fashion wrapped around your finger. Plan a last- minute -adventure and meet us on the sand. We can’t wait to see you glittering under the sun.


Photography by Cass Michael
Models: Haley Hancock & Emma Carolyn
Makeup Artist: Haylee Detroit
Hair Stylist: Haylee Detroit
Wardrobe Stylist: Missy’s Closet