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Street Fighter 5 DLC Characters Announcement Leaks Ahead Of EVO

Street Fighter 5 DLC Characters Announcement Leaks Ahead Of EVO


According to a leak, the new DLC fighters for Street Fighter V are E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison. The leak suggests the announcement is supposed to be officially made during EVO 2019, which begins August 2 and continues through the weekend.

Breaking on Steam, the leak included a new trailer for Street Fighter V that revealed the summer 2019 character bundle for the game. The video has now been taken down, but it featured E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison, who are all coming to Street Fighter V on August 4. A bundle including all three fighters will supposedly release the very next day. The trailer states that “certain costumes and Honda Senta stage” are excluded from the bundle.

Edmond Honda, a talented sumo wrestler, has been a part of the fighting game series since Street Fighter II and also appeared in Street Fighter IV. Lucia has never appeared in a Street Fighter game before. An unorthodox detective, she made her fighting game debut in 1995’s Final Fight 3. Like Lucia, Poison is a Final Fight character, first appearing in the original 1989 game. She made her Street Fighter debut in Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact but only as a cameo. She wouldn’t be playable in the series until Street Fighter X Tekken. She’d return in Ultra Street Fighter IV.

In our Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition review, Tamoor Hussain wrote, “With a slick new interface, fully-featured online and offline modes, and every character released thus far–plus Sakura, the first fighter from Season 3 of its DLC–Street Fighter V feels like a complete package. It has always been a strong fighting game that continues to get better over time, but it remained a game for genre enthusiasts. Arcade Edition, however, is a game that you can confidently recommend to anyone. Two years after its launch, Street Fighter V is finally fighting fit.”