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Star Wars: Episode VII


Written By Joshua Tousignant

I once thought movies were just… there. One moment I’d see a trailer and know, a year from then, I’d be sitting in a dark room filled with people looking up at a big movie screen. No one explained to me that they were ‘made’, or ‘written’, or even ‘thought up’. And that’s just where we are with Star Wars Episode VII. It’s a force in the making. At this point, EVERYTHING is still under speculation. What we do know is that Disney will be penning an original storyline for the sequels: Episodes 7-9, the first to be released in 2015, with solo-films set in-between spanning across a 6 years production.

With J.J. Abrams aboard to direct, we can hope to see a less CGI animated trilogy (unlike the prequel), that can help ground us into a universe with real-life sets, props, and that J.J. Abram’s film, real lighting, kind of look. So let’s get to it:

This trilogy, will take place after the first two trilogies — in the Extended Universe — sourcing from material such as novels, comic books, and video games the franchise have expanded since its inception in 1977. To mention, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, will be reprising their roles as Luke, Leia, and Han Solo, the notable trio, possibly to bridge the gap, at the helm of rebuilding; or already built, New Republic (depending on how far… or how sooner a time ago we are…).

With so much source material to nitpick from it’s hard to decipher. Least of all to say, there are already published novels that have some thrilling storylines already worked out. So the question isn’t why would they reach into these gold-mines of already fleshed out stories; as it’ll only make it easier for them (with just over a year left to film) but… why wouldn’t they?

Contenders like: the Thrawn Trilogy, New Jedi Order, and Legacy of The Force, to name the big three– all great sagas in their own right. The first places itself five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire, where Luke, Leia, and Han find themselves building the New Republic. I like this one, because this spurs one of THE COOLEST noted antagonists in the Star Wars universe: Grand Admiral Thrawn; a humanoid with blue skin and glowing red eyes, whom gather’s what’s left of the Empire into his new regime. What’s so great is that this character isn’t sugar-coated with your typical bad-guy registrar. He encourages his subordinates to speak up and to be creative, unlike Vader. Maybe that’s because he isn’t a Sith and doesn’t follow the Rule of Two. A doctrine in Sith lore that’s principle ordains there to be only two Sith in power at a time. One master and one apprentice, as in, one to hold the power, and the other to crave it. I pretty much just stated the most resounding element of the Sith, that covers a generation of work, in only two sentences.

Although this is a great character to stem its first comeback in the trilogy from, perhaps in a small way, it’s not the story line which gives us that punch. Luke, Leia, and Han, played by their actors, are much too old to be the stars, so rumors point to a timelier saga.

The New Jedi Order, a more expanded series of novels that starts twenty-one years after the death of the second Death Star, already has the New Republic established; though it faces some internal conflict. A new and powerful enemy has emerged from the depths of another galaxy, noted as the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion. With long-term character arcs, and a lot of fill-in characters, it’s a bit jumbled to work for three films. Besides, we want to see Jedi’s and the Sith, not some alien race; so my bets on the third of the big three.
Legacy of the Force.

40 years after! A less traditional route and timely enough, as actors Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford will better-look the part for their return, as mentors, rather than the stars — as it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen them up on the big-screen, we need some room to fill in that emotional gap. And what better way to re-introduce us to this universe, then with their kids? Or late-teenagers at this point.

And here’s why: Everything we know about the first two trilogies has passed. Emperor Palpatine a.k.a. Darth Sidious is dead, even though rumors say he’ll appear as a force ghost… not sure how this will play out, but I’m sure he still got some treads left on him (please, no). Who else can we stockpile on? Vader is dead, Yoda is dead, Obi-Wan — dead, R2D2 and C3-PO (well I hope they are, we’ve seen just about enough of them) are dead! The point being, we need new characters, someone to take the lead and emotional ride, like Luke in A New Hope.

If the rumors be true, the new trilogy will take off with a FEMALE lead, presumptuously Jaina, Leia and Han’s daughter. Along with her twin brother Jacen, and youngest brother Anakin Solo, Luke has two kids of his own, Ben and Cade Skywalker. Many of which have midi-chlorians in their blood. That’s right; they can become Jedi’s, or even yet… become one with the Sith. Think about that!

What’s great about these kids is that they span throughout all three Saga’s I’ve mentioned! This means they could have more back story then we know, or that they even know! And as the title suggest, they have big shoes to fill. How cool of a plot would that be? Darth Sidious as a ghouly force ghost, touching little kids—Ew, sorry. What I meant to say was, a New Republic with evil on the rise, and the last remaining Jedi’s in the balance of the mix–? That’s some ride. It’s highly probable this is the series to look closer at, but if you don’t like reading, skim through Wikipedia like I’m doing and giggle to yourself like a little school-girl on midi-chlorians (and I don’t use midi-chlorians in a good way).

Ah, what about them solo-films? Aw, yeah. Give me one for everyone’s chronicle hero Obi-Wan, starring Ewan McGregor. That would be awesome. They could even bring Qui-Gon Jinn before Liam Neeson gets too old, and do him some justice. He was such a cool mentor! Death Maul? …Maybe? I sure as wouldn’t like to know Yoda’s origin, his is better a mystery; it comes with the whole, “wise, he is” thing. But, how about a “Han Meets Chewie” type story. That could be fun. The popular video-game Knights of the Old Republic could make a great movie poster. Do you see where I’m going? This thing is boundless.

So here’s where I mention that Star Wars, like Marvel, is owned by Disney. A pretty big sandwich to chew, don’t you think? Since movies alone, naturally, have a tendency of bottling up seats, it couldn’t be worse to be up against one of your own films at the box office. So here’s to a new hope, that this strike back doesn’t return any loss of ticket prices when they release the multitude of Marvel movies at the same time as releasing a whole new Star Wars Trilology (if you can think of a better way of saying a trilogy of a trilogy, please comment).

With solo-films in between no less, this makes the next few summers to boot– a camp-packed ride. So roll up those windows and get ready to floor it, because whether or not they do mish-mash all three of these contenders I’ve mentioned, or make up some super Darth baby, all we do know, is that Star Wars is a phantom menace (Gah, I was hoping to leave that pun out) and it’s here to stay. In a galaxy far, far away, a movie is in the making.

Director: J.J. Abrams
Writers: Michael Arndt, George Lucas (characters)
Stars: Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams & Anthony Daniels
Release Date: Summer 2015