Home Movie Articles First Star Wars 9 Trailer Reportedly Debuting In April
First Star Wars 9 Trailer Reportedly Debuting In April

First Star Wars 9 Trailer Reportedly Debuting In April


The first trailer for Star Wars: Episode IX will reportedly debut in April. Now that director J.J. Abrams has wrapped production on the Skywalker saga’s final chapter, fans are growing increasingly impatient for any official reveals about the film. Lucasfilm is being characteristically secretive when it comes to the film, as they’ve yet to confirm its official title. For now, viewers have to make do by scouting the ever-churning rumor mill as they wait for the studio to finally peel back the curtain and offer teases about what’s in store.

Over the past few months, there was speculation suggesting viewers would be treated to Episode IX footage by Christmas or the Super Bowl, but both of those occasions came and went without anything from the galaxy far, far away. Either instance would have been a deviation from established Star Wars sequel trilogy marketing patterns, as teasers for both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi came in April of their respective years of release. With that in mind, it was a popular assumption people would have to wait until the spring to get a look at Episode IX, and it turns out that’s likely the case.

According to Star Wars News Net, the first trailer for Episode IX will come out in April. Unsurprisingly, there are also plans in place for it to play in front of Avengers: Endgame screenings. Marvel’s highly-anticipated blockbuster opens on April 26, so the Star Wars trailer should be online prior to that date.

This development shouldn’t come as a shock, primarily because Star Wars Celebration takes place this April in Chicago. It goes without saying Episode IX will be a focal point of the convention, and Lucasfilm likely wants to make a big splash by unveiling a teaser trailer during a panel (which hasn’t been officially announced at this point in time). The most plausible scenario is that the Episode IX preview premieres at Celebration in mid-April and then plays in theaters during the summer, attached to all the big tentpole releases. That was the playbook for Force Awakens and Last Jedi, and seeing that those films combined to gross more than $3 billion worldwide, it would be wise for Disney to replicate that strategy as they build hype for their latest.

The lack of official information regarding Episode IX is frustrating to some, but this latest report gives fans a concrete window to look forward to and implies the wait will be over in the near future. If nothing else, this should make things less aggravating when Captain Marvel’s March premiere happens sans Star Wars trailer. Remember, Episode IX is already one of 2019’s most anticipated films even though it doesn’t have a title, poster, or trailer. There’s no rush for Lucasfilm to generate buzz and excitement, so holding off until Star Wars Celebration weekend makes the most sense.