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Soul Calibur VI Annoucement

Soul Calibur VI Annoucement


Alongside Devil May Cry 5, SoulCalibur VI is another long-rumored game that we just can’t stop hearing about. It’s been around five years since the series’ last installment, so it’s about time Bandai Namco had another crack at the weapon-based fighter.

These latest rumors claim that SoulCalibur VI is set to be officially revealed in December. A couple of weeks ago, one rumor suggested that it would show up at PlayStation Experience 2017, but with Sony going for a more low key event this year, the rumors are now saying that it’ll be at The Game Awards — Geoff Keighley’s industry awards show.

Once again, the whispers seem plausible. The Game Awards have a history of hosting reveals, both big and small. If Bandai Namco is keen to announce it before the year is out, then Keighley’s show, which is watched by a huge audience, would be a good place to do it.

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