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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Vintage and Glam

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Vintage and Glam


Creative Director/Photographer/Retoucher: Atte Tanner
WB: attetanner
Model/Wardrobe Stylist: Betty Fvck
IG: bettyfvck
WB: bettyfvck

Wardrobe Credits:
1-6: Costume: Abel Teng Makeup and hair: Kos Dao
7-17: Costume: Aki Rauhala Makeup and hair: Kos Dao
18-24: Costume: Aki Rauhala Makeup and hair: Kos Dao Wig: Raywigs

1. Photo 1-6 on kayar: Tea Party
Makeup and hair: Kos Dao
Costume Designer: Abel Teng
This costume was inspired by the Baroque Fashion and the concept was built around the fancy “Tea Party” concept; Abel is a great costume maker and designer. He is very good at colors, fabric, and details. Kos was an excellent wig maker and he has created a very exquisite Maria-Antoinette wig with many embellishments.

2. Photo 7-11: Rose Garden
Makeup and hair: Kos Dao
Wardrobe stylist: Betty Fvck
This red dress is the star of the look, Betty used it also for her performance and the beautiful wig was made by Kos Dao. The name of the wig is “Rose Garden” because there is several roses were made by hair to embellish the wig.

3. Photo 12-14: The showgirl
Makeup and hair: Kos Dao
Costume: Aki Rauhala
The inspiration of this look is a showgirl with full of diamond and sparkles. The star of the look is a giant headpiece in the wardrobe of Betty.

4. Photo 15-20: Dirty Glam
Costume: Aki Rauhala
Makeup and hair: Kos Dao
Wig: Raywigs
This full of bead and feather dress is in a wardrobe of Betty and was executed by Aki. The wig was styled by Kos from Raywigs with a 30s-40s style. The look is very vintage but having some modern touch to it.

Atte Tanner

I’m a photographer from Helsinki, Finland working between commercial shoots and fashion. My work is characterized by theatrical elements and bold colors. I strive to create images with an elegant atmosphere and precise lighting. Having the freedom to create imaginary worlds without creative restrictions is a big part of why I like to shoot fashion. I feel like fashion is the genre with the least rules to follow.

Our concept for this shoot with drag and burlesque artist Betty was to combine a luxurious location with glamorous clothing and create a very stylised fashion editorial. We photographed a total of four looks ranging from a Marie Antoinette inspired outfit to a shiny diamond headpiece combined with matching lingerie.

Finding the perfect location was critical for this project. But as soon as we were welcomed by the golden details and extravagant atmosphere of Toyryla manor hotel we knew we had made the right choice! The manor building dates back to 1904 and has been a lavish venue for social gatherings ever since. The main living room of Toyryla manor has a lot of yellow tones and beautiful details in the furniture. We used this space together with many looks, because of the harmonic color palette and all the posing variations we could with the furniture.

For most of my projects I try to keep out of a studio environment and shoot on location. This keeps me inspired and plays a big role in my style. I always enjoy creating narratives around places I come across and think of what sort of character would be interesting to bring there.

Betty is an award winning performer and this really shows in her way of moving in front of the camera. She truly knows how to make an outfit work. Betty’s elegant poses and powerful expressions is what makes this set work for me. I like to keep all my sets very easy-going and collaborative and this was definitely the case here as well. Everything from final selections and background choices was a collaborative process between me and the model.

Betty Fvck
Model/ Drag Artist

Betty is very classy and Fvck is very edgy; Betty Fvck is all about intriguing art. I have been working as a drag-artist for 2 years but a model for over 10 years. In performing art and in modelling, I like to put in different styles and perspectives towards art; for example, a very elegant look can have some edgy touch and an intensive look can be very glamorous. I like to play with different concepts towards different styles of fashion because I think all styles have their own beauties as long as we know how to put it.

Lately, I have the privilege to be featured in many magazines and covered for a couple of them; as well, I have performed in 10 different countries. The further I go, the more people I met, the more I learn about art and photography, fashion. I would love to see more diversity and tolerance toward any form of art.

The collaboration with Atte Tanner was a wonderful experience, he knew exactly what he wanted and he had done very good research about me as a model, what style may suit me and where can do it the best. I was very lucky to work with Atte, he has a great vision of art, very knowledgable and fun to work with. I believe he will go very far in his career. In general, when there is a good collaboration between the model and the photographer, every thing can happen!

PS. I would like to say thank to Abel Teng for the wonderful costume.

Vintage and Glam

Photography Showcase – Vintage and Glam

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