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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Narcisse

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Narcisse


Makeup Artist/Photographer: Erika Bourget
Male Model/Hair Stylist: Julien Lacelle

Wardrobe Credits:
1 – flowers DOLLARAMA ribbon HOME DEPOT
2 – Lace, sex tape & bracelets made by the photographer.
3 – flowers DOLLARAMA ribbon HOME DEPOT
4 – designer NARCISSE shoes ADIDAS
5-6 – designer NARCISSE
7 – designer NARCISSE shoes ADIDAS

Erika and I wanted to collaborate on a creative project for some time. I am an experienced model but I’m also an artist, and I recently left my agency to have more freedom regarding the projects I’m a part of. She is an upcoming photographer who wants to experiment and try new things so we were the perfect pair for something artistic. She knows makeup and I’m also a hairstylist. We only needed a designer!

Erika knew Narcisse, an haute couture fashion designer from the Sumerian Kingdom who is currently based in Montreal, where we’re from. We then combined all our talents and creative minds.

Narcisse was going to bring some class with his pieces. I had ideas of being as creative as possible at low cost and I wanted to make pictures that would tell a story and illustrate something real. I chose the roses and the danger ribbon to remind that something beautiful can be dangerous. The roses have thorns the same way a beautiful person can be broken inside. The sex tape, lace, and bling was Erika’s idea, to play with gender identity and human silhouette.

The whole story can be perceived as an interpretation of the different states the same person can go through, no matter how far from each other they may be. A reminder that you must not judge a book by its cover.

The goal of the photo shoot was also to showcase all our different skills. I had recently been judged at a casting on my walk and posture, no matter the amount of experience I have, and I wanted to prove that I am a good model even if my body is not perfect. Erika was thrilled by the challenge.

It is also a different era, a new age. Diversity has become the strength instead of a reason for rejection. Imperfection has become a quality instead of a flaw. The definitions of what’s real and what’s fake are being rewritten. People are not so interested in society’s standards anymore. They want character and personality. The rules are meant to be broken and everybody needs to be stimulated, so we are trying to inspire the next generation to be free and to challenge their own self-expression.


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