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Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Lustra

Solis Magazine Photography Showcase – Lustra


Photographer: Maciej Świstek
Model: Ewelina Dzienyńska @New Age Models
Model: Martyna Biłogan @New Age Models
Wardrobe Stylist: Zuzanna Włodarz
Model: Wiktoria Mandych @As Management
Makeup Artist: Natalia Noga

1 blouse: Cyvonyuk trousers: Le songe shoes: Zara
2 coat: Załucka Kuczera
3 jacket : Załucka Kuczera trousers: Załucka Kuczera body: Zuzanna Włodarz gloves: Zuzanna Włodarz shoes: vintage
4 body:Zuzanna Włodarz gloves: Zuzanna Włodarz trousers: Załucka Kuczera
5 Ewelina: Vintage Victoria: Vintage Martyna: Vintage
6 coat: Vintage earrings: Kopiszka
7 Martyna: Vintage Ewelina: Vintage Victoria: Vintage
8 coat: Mazaki shoes: Aldo
9 dress: Vintage shoes: Vintage
10-11 dress: Monki
12 jacket: Vintage
14 jacket: Załucka Kuczera trousers: Załucka Kuczera body: Zuzanna Włodarz shoes: Vintage

This project was created by the photographer Maciej Świstek, in collaboration with the makeup artist Natalia Noga fashion stylist Zuzanna Włodarz and models Wiktoria Mandych, Martyna Biłogan, Ewelina Dzienyńska.

The material is the attempt to collect different people, places, stories, “reflections” in one story. Catching the glimpses, little moments of movement, confusing situations. It was a try to combine the differences in one story. We have shot only two pictures with all three models together and then mostly single photos. We have changed the locations quickly including studio, starting from early morning till night.

We have used mostly clothing from young polish fashion brands and vintage fashion shops. The main assumption in creating fashion styles was the maintaining of a dark mysterious range of colors. Combination of minimalistic blouses and trousers with large frills with long purple velor boots.Delicately shimmering silver suit with hand-sewn mesh gloves.Small black sequined dress collided with an overcoat leather jacket from the 70s and a series of coats with a gradient effect. In order to add a bit of flash to the styling, we added a simple gold jewelry Like earrings.

We have put on a highly-lit make-up. Each of the three models was painted in a different way. The shade of fresh green on the eye, shimmering in shades of blue through purple and pink pigment, delicate silver eyeliner created a whole with stylizations.