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Solis Magazine Nude Showcase – Beethoven’s Silence

Solis Magazine Nude Showcase – Beethoven’s Silence


Photo Editor/Photographer/Retoucher: Ekaterina Yakyamseva
Makeup Artist: Model: Alexandra Arsenyeva

Photography is a quite interesting thing: through your lens, you need to see a lot of important things, but to be able to catch the only one – the invisible beauty. Kate is one of the people whose photos are made of feelings, thoughts, and life. This series called ‘Beethoven’s Silence’ is a good example of this kind of pictures.

The tender light in the whole composition makes you feel that it’s porcelain in the photo, not a real model. Sometimes you want to extend a hand and touch the picture, but good sense prevails and you realize that it is just a beautiful work. While looking through the ‘Beethoven’s Silence’ it’s possible to draw inspiration from it, to find something familiar about this story: speechless confession and questions to yourself.

Our big and modern world speaks so loud by using a lot of different languages and sounds. Sometimes we need to stay “naked” in the face of your heart, to let yourself to keep silence for being ready to listen, to dream. ‘Beethoven Silence’ is a moment of the inner behavior, body’s language tells about the soul’s hurt and it’s immortality. When Ernesto Cortazar, the Mexican composer, wrote the composition with the same name, he wanted to show how painful it is when something you can’t live without turns into a silence. But if you won’t be able to hear the beauty, it’s possible to see it, and vice versa.

Kate’s photo series shows that the most important feelings, eternal, monumental things stay with us forever and everyone understands it because we all are same behind a complicated mask – we all are humans.

Irana Nadjafova (Journalist. Saint-Petersburg)

Solis Magazine Nude Showcase - Beethoven Silence

NUDE EDITORIAL – Beethoven’s Silence

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