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Solis Magazine Music Showcase – Tone Jhoto

Solis Magazine Music Showcase – Tone Jhoto


Artist Name/Group – 88/ToneJo

At 16, I started back in high school writing poetry and art. I was really fond of how far you could take just rhyming two words and incorporating stories and rhythm, flows etc. So I started with open mic poetry slams in high school and local events where people would tell me I should write songs, which eventually lead me to record in my close friend Eli’s (PrynceEli) Studio in the Downtown library in Hartford CT at 17.

Not taking it to serious that same day I recorded my first song: Get to it” and one other song then I left music alone for about a year until I met one of my now closest friends Rick (Lil Rick, Artist) who talked me into getting back into the studio after opening up to eachother about music and everything, we decided to pursue music together as a career and eventually I dropped “DFW” Which was a town favorite and got me a lot of attention which really lead me to start meeting producers and another artist.

2017 wasn’t a capital Year for me and I didn’t put out any singles but Eventually Started getting involved w/ other artist music and came out on a couple of features like “Popzdeezly “My Crew” followed by “DownSouth” followed by a couple other songs but I realized I was really using the first year to develop my flow, and understand the music business, videos, networking etc, to make sure I really wanted this for my future.

Eventually, I started working on my Project the “Been Glowin’ EP ” That has the hits like “BackSeat Bussa” which was the first and only song of 2018 officially out so far & “88-On Time” Included on the final release of the EP which is scheduled to release sometime this spring.