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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Young & Free

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Young & Free


Photographer: Christina V Henningstad @christina_henningstad
Model: Vincent Hernandez @vincenthernandezofficial
Model Agency: IFC United Models @ifcunitedmodels
Makeup: Serguei Chatel @serguei_chatel
Stylist: Anna Boudy @anna_boudy
Wardrobe Stylist: Lucian Popescu @lucian.popescu_couture

1. Red Pullover – ZARA
2. Brown Jacket – LP CREATION
3. Hat – ZARA
4. Grey Coat – LP CREATION
5. Scarf – GIVENCY
6. Blue Jacket – ZARA
7. Trousers – ZARA
8. Red Polo Shirt – RALPH LAUREN
9. White T-Shirt – ZARA
10. Blue Vest – LP CREATION
11. Boots – FRED PERRY
12. White Jacket – LP CREATION
13. Suite Vest – LP CREATION
14. Make-up – LANCÔME

Hi everyone, I’m a French model living in Los Angeles. I study at UCLA to pursue my dream to live the life that I want in California. A little background. I was born in a small city in France called Angers, a population of 150,000 persons, very calm and peaceful.

After going through school in France I started wanting to change my horizon and live a different lifestyle. I love fitness and since watching fitness content on social media I have been fascinated with the Californian fitness lifestyle. Being a very strategic person, I started searching for a way to go to study there. The first searches were disappointing, the programs to study were very expensive. The contrast with the “almost free” education in France was brutal. However, after digging deeper into the possibilities, I learned that the University of Angers where I could potentially go were offering to go abroad in the US. My choice was clear, I’m gonna go there and do everything in my possibility to study abroad in California. I accordingly went to this University. During this time I started building a modeling portfolio, to arrive in the US with a book.

After 4 semesters of hard studying, the work paid off. I got accepted to Chapman University in Orange County, a beautiful University were I met wonderful people. I study there for about 1 year as an exchange student. Arriving in the US was very impactful in my life, I was surrounded by people with positive energy that want to live a great life. Coming to California, I knew a lot of modeling opportunities were going to be available.

After 2 months in California, a big modeling agency wanted to recruit me. I was excited!! But I quickly learned that it wasn’t going to be easy to become a model in the US when I’m from a foreign country. I couldn’t sign the contract, my visa wasn’t allowing me. Following this, I made great relationships in the modeling industry, I started doing a lot of photoshoots just after starting my Instagram @vincenthernandezofficial (follow me!), I met agents that showed me the path that I have to take for getting the right visa for modeling. I’m still working on it. I’ll have to make a fun trip to Asia in the following month to get enough jobs to apply for the visa.

In December, after finishing my exchange program at Chapman University I came back to France for the first time since 1 year. I had a great time with my family and had the opportunity to make this great photoshoot in Paris with Christina. Now I am living in Westwood, Los Angeles where I study entrepreneurship at UCLA and focus on growing my modeling career, my social media, my website/blog (vincent-hernandez.com), my overall knowledge.

On this journey, I learned different lessons that I would like to share with you. I learned that living life in the present moment is the most important thing that you can do! I used to always think about what’s next in order to achieve what I wanted and never enjoyed the present moment. So now that I want to succeed in modeling and in different areas, I realize that the best thing to do is to plan your goals, strategize how you gonna get there by taking small actions every hour of the day, and then living those actions in the present moment. This is something really important for your well-being. And to get there I recommend practicing meditation every day.

Live life fully!

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial - Young & Free


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