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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Sujata

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Sujata


Photographer: Nadiia Shevtsova
Model: Sujata Ghimire
Makeup Artist/Hair Stylist: Neeka Dewar

1 – Dress: Sheikh Jewellery: Zara High heels: Betts
3 – Blouse: Zara Shorts: Zara Jewellery: Zara High heels: Betts
4 – Blouse: Zara Jewellery: Zara
5 – Handbag: Collete Blouse: Review Skirt: Bardot Jewellery: Zara
6 – Dress: Sheikh Jewellery: Zara High heels: Betts
7-8 – Handbag: Collete Blouse: Review Skirt: Bardot Jewellery: Zara
9 – Dress: Sheikh High heels: Betts
10 – Dress: Sheikh Jewellery: Zara High heels: Betts
11 – Handbag: Collete Blouse: Review Skirt: Bardot Jewellery: Zara

I am Sujata Ghimire,24 years old from a beautiful country Nepal where the world’s highest peak “Mount Everest” is situated. Let me share a little story about my journey till now. Well speaking about me, I belong to a very stable and prosperous family. My dad is a businessman, my mom is a housewife and I’ve two elder siblings, so luckily I am the youngest child of my family. And frankly saying, I am the most loved and pampered child of my family, so my childhood went pretty well. Above me, I have a big brother who is a doctor and a sister who is a registered nurse. Since both of them are in a medical field, my elder brother wants me to study something related to medical field. So, when I finished my schooling, my brother he took me to India to study science. After the completion of my 12th standard, I applied my visa to Australia as a nursing student thinking I can change my subjects and get into the other field as in fashion designing or an interior designing or anything related to fashion. Unfortunately, I was not able to change my course because of the finance and my visa problem. I was disheartened and broken from inside. After then I decided to continue my nursing course. Though I was into nursing, I never enjoyed it because back in my mind,1 knew that I am not made for all this. I am a different person with a different mindset and passion.

For 4 years, I followed the same routine, same lectures, same training classes and same work. I was pissed and frustrated seeing where and what I am doing. One day while 1 was in my room, I decided of doing things that I’ve always wanted, that is to make my career into the fashion world. So I got up from my bed, went straight to my laptop. Then I started searching for the way to get into the fashion world . 1 used to look out the new7 fashion trends and also w hat s happening in the world of fashion & keep updating myself with every latest news in the fashion world. I used to follow every social media source that is related to fashion. Looking at it I feel motivated and inspired to do things for fashion on my own. I was eagerly waiting for the moment where I could show my talent, I said to myself let’s find a way then I started looking out for the people who can help me on it, I went through a Facebook and searched the best photographer then I found a Masterpiece Art Studio which belong to a beautiful and very helpful lady, Nadiia. I went to her and explained my passion for the fashion world. She then supported & guided me with her knowledge and experience.She gave me an opportunity to do a photo shoot with her, I got happy knowing it then I started researching on our theme, dresses, makeup jewelry and arranged everything on my own. I invested all money and savings for the arrangement of photo shoot cuz I wanted to give my best and everything to it, it was hard but eventually, everything went as per our plan, Nadiia supported me throughout this session with everything she could do for me.Then she started clicking my pictures and we really had a good photo shoot session, I enjoyed the whole process, I felt like yes, this is me and this is what I want to do.


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