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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Modern Classic

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Modern Classic


Photographer: Yana Tkachenko
Designer: MTTC Australia @mttcaustralia
Creative Directors/Stylists: Tamila & Mariya Tkachenko @marmar_mariya
Makeup Artist: Zohal Biber @inaa.beauty
Hair Stylists: Nitcha Nutthanitcha @nitcha_ny & Susana Kresensia @suzan_sung
Models: Alessandra Kitinas @alikitinas
Hayley Ratcliffe @hayleyyratcliffe
Kitt Jeffery @thefaeriefox
Sarah Nguyen @blacksparrowx

1-2 MTTC designed evening dress, handmade using vintage black cotton velvet.
3-4 MTTC designed skirt and top two piece outfit, with convertible shawl top, all handmade, featuring vintage buttons. Handmade MTTC peacock feather fascinator with vintage green velvet and Swarovski crystals.
5-7 MTTC designed royal blue chiffon evening gown, handmade and accentuated with diamanté trim.
8-9 MTTC designed sheer chiffon evening gown, handmade featuring an intricate statement peacock feather train.
10 Both models wear MTTC designed and handmade dresses.
11-14 MTTC designed satin evening dress handmade with vintage cotton lace and embellished with Swarovski crystals. The dress features a removable dramatic collar and train. Handmade MTTC beaded headpiece.
15-16 MTTC designed sheer dress handmade using vintage embroidered cutout lace fabric. Handmade MTTC rose headpiece.
17 MTTC designed sheer tulle evening dress, handmade and featuring delicately handstitched floral details. Handmade MTTC hat with vintage netting and marabou feathers.
18 MTTC designed figure hugging red dress with a draping open back, handmade from shimmering vintage fabric.
19 MTTC designed top and skirt handmade from antique handcrafted cotton lace and vintage tulle.
20 MTTC designed pink sexy side cut out dress, handmade with vintage fabric and accentuated with faux pearl details and a velvet belt made from antique French ribbon. Handmade MTTC peony hat with vintage blue velvet.

What is Modern Classic? It seems like a contradiction, how can something be two opposing concepts at once? It is, however, such contradictions that keep life interesting and in this case that keeps fashion interesting.

The fashion industry is full of endless trends. Season after season we watch these trends on runways and see them trickle down into stores and the clothing that we wear. However, sometimes we come across something that is rare: a classic. A piece of fashion that doesn’t end up in the ‘donate’ pile of your yearly wardrobe clean out, something that doesn’t ‘go out of style’ or conform to the fashion trends that we regretfully take part in.

However, classics, particularly in fashion, tend to endure the misconception of being boring, plain or monotonous. This is where we need to find the middle ground, the sweet spot where we weed out all the tacky trends and find that classic piece that is injected with something modern, bold and unique.

This is a concept that drives the team behind the emerging Australian designer label, MTTC and it is visible in their couture collection, Ma Nostalgie.

In many ways, MTTC is not like other fashion labels. The mother-daughter duo behind the brand strays away from fast fashion, designing and handcrafting all of their pieces in Sydney. The pair believe that fashion should be unique so none of their designs are mass produced, in fact, most are one-off and exclusive. MTTC have a deep respect and love for vintage and after years of carefully collecting fabrics from around the world, the pair now take inspiration from such priceless finds so much so that the majority of their designs feature vintage materials which you won’t see anywhere else. Not only does this increase the rarity of MTTC’s clothing and headpieces which become infused with an old world charm and create a glimpse into the past and the evolution of fashion, but it also reduces the effect on the environment. Fast fashion has a major impact on our planet, so why can’t we make more sustainable choices through fashion without compromising style? This is just one of the things that MTTC aim to tackle with the making of their line.

So what is Ma Nostalgia? It is a collection with a vision to evoke elements of the past but satisfy the style needs of the modern woman. It is nostalgic, yet relevant. It is sexy, yet tasteful and timeless. It is modern classic. Ma Nostalgia features unique vintage fabrics embellished with luxurious crystals, feathers and other handmade details that add originality and flare. Each design gives a nod to the past whether it be through intricate handmade lace, soft cotton velvet or with a classic silhouette that accentuates all the right places of the figure. And at the same time, the pieces in this collection embrace the styles of the time with sheer fabrics and bold combinations of materials. It is such attention to detail that is so important in couture and millinery and it is what MTTC work towards in each of their creations: that unique element which will distinguish their designs from others in the fashion industry.

There is a certain thrill that comes with owning a piece of fashion that belongs only to you, knowing that you are the only individual on the planet that owns such a particular item. This is the feeling that comes with each of MTTC’s garments, it’s the emotion that seeps through the images in this editorial, for once you put on an MTTC original you won’t wear anything quite the same ever again.

Find out more about MTTC or enquire about the collection at www.mttcaustralia.com

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial - Modern Classic

Fashion Editorial – Modern Classic

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