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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – FROM HOLE TO WHOLE

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – FROM HOLE TO WHOLE


Photographer: Veronica Minutillo
IG: https://instagram.com/veronicapture
FB: https://www.facebook.com/veronicapture/
WB: www.veronicapture.com

Model: Jessie Wang
IG: https://instagram.com/jessie_19970307

Makeup Artist/Creative Director/Costume Designer/Writer: Bianca Prieto
IG: https://instagram.com/biancamagicmakeup
FB: https://www.facebook.com/biancamagicmakeup
WB: https://www.biancamagicmakeup.com/

Headpiece: Maria Izabel Prieto
IG: https://www.instagram.com/poet.handmadeartpieces

Retoucher: Caio Sanfelice
IG: https://instagram.com/sanfelicecaio
WB: https://www.caiosanfelice.com/

Wardrobe Credits:
1-4: Headpiece: Maria Izabel Prieto Bubble Wrap
5: Headpiece: Maria Izabel Prieto
6: Top: Maria Izabel Prieto
7-8: Headpiece: Maria Izabel Prieto
9: Red top: Maria IzabeL Prieto
10: Red top: Maria Izabel Prieto

“FROM HOLE TO WHOLE”, it is a fashion and avant-garde editorial about the journey of the enlightenment, from darkness to light. The intention of this work is to remind ourselves that, even if we have hurting wounds, it is possible to vibrate higher and change the game through love and to remind ourselves that we are love, and that love heals everything.



What holds you back?

We get trapped into bad emotions and vibrations attracting the energies, situations, and people, corresponding to how we feel. We get into the hole of darkness and get stuck in the loop of pain, sadness, anger, frustration, depression, and bad experiences.

We disconnect from the divine in us, the divine power of life, love, and joy that we all carry. To protect and hide our wounds, we constantly wear masks. We forget the true beings that we are.

In order to heal ourselves, we need to set the permanent state of a strong positive mind, opening up our hearts to the divine, rising in courage and faith. We can start the journey towards light by candling the light of love that always has been there. The more we embrace our light, the brighter we become, and the more shadows fade. The more love we put over our wounds and focus on our qualities and on being grateful to the people that care for us… the more our wounds heal. We are vibrating higher now, attracting good things, surrounding us with positivity, creating and manifesting our dreams, as a result.

The masks are no longer need because now we know what we are. We shine with a precious, extraordinary life. Back to the whole, to the whole of our pure and magnificent existence, the entire, divine whole that we are.


The story has 4 stages.

STAGE 1: THE DARKNESS OF THE BEING, represented by expressions of shame, pain, being heartbroken, left behind, and abandoned.

STAGE 2: THE DUALITY OF THE BEING, represented by expressions of self-harming and suffocation.

THE MASK CROWN. The crown full of diamonds and sparkles represents the material richness of the human being but also represents the importance and power carried within all the humans. The mask represents the hidden inner lower emotions.

THE PLASTIC BUBBLE. The plastic bubble dress represents the poverty of feelings carried through life; “cheap clothes” with a “rich expensive crown” express the duality of human emotions, representing their dark and bright sides.

STAGE 3: THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THE BEING, represented by expressions of seeking light, seeking the divine within us, and getting out of the hole.

CRYSTAL HEADPIECE. The crystals on the head in the shower shape and the crystal on the third-eye represent the shower of the light of love, receiving blessings, moving towards, positive actions, getting stronger mentally and physically beautiful, and shinning.

STAGE 4: THE PURE BEING, THE WHOLE, represents the final state of returning to the whole.

Fashion Editorial – FROM HOLE TO WHOLE

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