Home Editorial Fashion Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – A day on the sanctuary farm
Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – A day on the sanctuary farm

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – A day on the sanctuary farm


Photographer: Lydia Vycitalova
IG: http://instagram.com/lydie_megaton
FB: https://www.facebook.com/lydie666
WB: https://www.lydiavycitalova.com
Male Model: Karel Struhy
IG: https://www.instagram.com/karelstruhy

Friday. The end of the busy week. The weekend ahead of us. It’s such a relief to abandon the city. We are going south from Prague to the places where there are only villages, forests, and fields. We were discussing this photoshoot a lot over the last month and we couldn’t wait to make it happen. This time we wanted to try something different. Perhaps something with a deeper thought or more likely with a different perspective. So we chose it to happen at the sanctuary farm. It’s called Farm of hope.

The farm is located nearby Dobrovitov village an hour and a half from the capital city Prague. They started from a scratch on a vacant field but it grew quite rapidly thanks to the hard work of a few dedicated people not to mention other volunteers who were helping along the way.

Upon our arrival we were heartily welcomed, Lydia got her camera ready and we could begin. Everything just felt so relaxed there like the time was moving in a different pace. We were slowly moving through the farm while capturing pictures at various spots. You could see that the animals were used to a human’s presence because they didn’t mind us at all. Well, there were some exceptions:)

We will definitely remember extraordinarily cheeky donkey who was following us around chewing and biting Karel’s tasteful shirt and at some point trying to eat Lydia’s camera too. It was a tough one but we managed to win. Among the other interactions, we won’t forget the encounter with small baby goats. They were so adorable and wanted to cuddle all the time. Well, Karel gave them what they asked for. The rest of the animal population didn’t really care since we barely got a glimpse of their attention.

Few more frames and we were about to finish our farm experience. We were really thankful for the opportunity to be around the animals and capture some unique moments. Seeing them so relaxed and peaceful got us thinking about how nice would that be if only every animal could have a life like that. Who knows, perhaps one day.

Fashion Editorial – A day on the sanctuary farm

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