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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Absence and Presence

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – Absence and Presence


Photographer: Ilaria Iacoviello PH
Model: Sara Lombardi
Fashion Designer: Ilaria Iacoviello
Creative Director: Ilaria Iacoviello

Wardrobe Credits:
1. Change one – black, H&M, Calzedonia
2. Change two – white, Wish
3. Change three – burgundy, OVS, Calzedonia
4. Change four – electric blue, OVS, Calzedonia

Absence and presence of color, as absence and presence of the portrayed figure that presents itself in its reality and unreality. Each person has his own color, a shade whose light just transpires along the contours of the body. A kind of halo. As in the figures seen against the light.

The objects and environments that surround us are largely colored. This depends on the fact that light diffuses through waves of different length: each wave corresponds to a color. The difference between ‘color’ and ‘non-color’ is often labile and subjective. Some artists define white and black “non-colors” because white is given by the sum of all colors, black by the absence of colors.

In this regard, Van Gogh wrote:

“White and black have their own meaning, their motivation and when we try to eliminate them, the result is a mistake: the most logical thing is to consider them as neutral: white as the brightest union of reds, blues, lighter yellows, and black, like the brightest combination of the darkest reds, blues, and yellows.”

I was inspired by the theory of colors for this editorial: I wanted to combine the so-called non-colors, black and white, with the presence of colors, in this case very strong, burgundy and electric blue

FASHION EDITORIAL – absence and presence

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