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Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – On my own

Solis Magazine Fashion Editorial – On my own


My name is Claudia Ferrari and I am a photographer from Milan. I moved to Rome some years ago, because I think it is an exciting city full of creativity and that is what I needed. I have been always looking for independence and it can be explained by the fact that I am a dreamer and I love life.

My passion for photography started when I was young. My family is an artistic one and I have been always surrounded by my parent’s creative talent, especially my father’s who has taken care of my artistic and cultural education. Only two years ago I decided to buy my first camera to begin this new experience. And it has been love at the first sight! I am an autodidact and I take inspiration from everyday life. It happens sometimes that I just find myself staring at lights and places imagining them into my next images. Sometimes even little objects can make the difference and can complete the picture I have visualized in my head. Every picture I have ever taken and each fashion editorial are meant to impart a feeling, to tell a story or to describe a beautiful moment. This has always been the aim of my photography, the guideline which keep me alive while taking pictures.

Despite the fact that I have never taken any photography class, I feel like I have improved a lot in this last year. Indeed I had a lot of significant collaborations and some important eulogy. One of the things I like the most in photography is that it doesn’t restrict to the mere photography, instead, there is a whole world around the picture itself. I love the backstage, friendships and all that happens during a shooting. Anyway, I am a perfectionist and I need to have everything under control, but still sometimes in photography, the improvisation is important too because it helps you to create something brand new you haven’t taught about.

I started taking simple portraits which I still love the most, because of their ability to immortalize people’s expressivity. I have actually started fashion photography not so long ago. I think it is a fascinating world that interested me immediately. I photograph very often with natural light and I use prime lens thanks to which I can have more brightness. I love women’s world, I love observing it and illustrating it. I love the way womanliness makes you feel close to the subject in the photos. I actually think that photography without women would be very different and we would feel the lack of them.

In this particular editorial “On my own” we created an urban mood, based on an elegant sensuality. We played with sunset war light and black and white postproduction, giving her a sophisticated mood in spite of the ruggedness of the location. The makeup as well underlined the willingness to express the femininity. Pamela, the model, perform following this guideline and she is amazing!

My path in photography’s world, most of all fashion world just started and it surprises me every day. This is the reason why I keep looking for new incentives: I think that without them, a good photo is not possible. Fashion photography never stops and I need to keep discovering it. Last, but not least I care about the interpretation too and I like knowing what the observer feels looking at my pictures; it teaches me something new every day and the approval gives me a lot of satisfaction.


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